Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wanna watch the Bachelorette with me? (week 4)

Sorry I missed week three!  Last week was crazy.  Speaking of which, the ending to my worst date story is coming tomorrow.  Probably not a good idea to write a post without an ending right before the busiest week of the year. . . So anyway, Bachelorette!

This week they're going to Bermuda.  What happened to staying close to home so Emily could  be with her daughter?  Oh never mind, she brought her with. 

Ooh Emily, Bermuda while your pregnant?  Doesn't get much hotter than that!  No seriously, I was always roasting hot when I was pregnant.

And Doug gets the first one on one.  He's so nervous, he starts swearing.  Everyone is laughing.  This is the most drama you'll see with the men.  They aren't as fun to watch as the women, are they?  I will say this, I don't know if Doug had brothers.  One thing you learn about brothers is that the more upset you get the more the try to bug you.  Let it go Doug, let it go.

Foster kid, single dad starts a charity?  Like Emily said, of course you did.  Is Doug to good to be true?

Wow, what is up with that dress.  Sorry, I'm not a fan of giant sparkly butterflies.

Emily: You're not perfect?
Doug: No. (but I'm pretty close, right?  Right?)

And Doug gets a rose.  Shocker.

Group Date: 
The boys have to win a boat race to hang out with Emily that night.  I'm pretty sure this is what the boys did on Ashley's season, except they had to paddle.  These boys don't know how good they have it!

Ryan: (as the other team pulls ahead) I don't even understand this.
Me: You don't understand what?  Losing?  You poor baby.

But in the end, Ryan and his team actually do win.  I'm bummed I don't get to see more time with Emily and Sean.  But I'm not worried about him going home.

 Ryan is being a jerk, and suddenly I'm wondering where Kalon is.  What will he do if he doesn't get a date again this week?  I can't wait.

Jef, so simple and sweet.  I like you and I wanna be with you.  And then awkward time when they should have kissed.
Jef: Should we go back?
Me: NOOOOO!  Jef!  Who says that???

Oh!  Kalon is here.  And Ryan too.  Two jerks on one date.  Killing two birds with one stone?

Ryan: I'm not here to impress you, but to make an impression on you.
Me: What does that mean??  Words words words, I'm pretty sure they mean the same thing.

Did Ryan really just call her a bad example?  Kind of rude. 

Group date rose: My guess is Arie or Jef.  JEF!!  Good job holding out with the virgin lips, leave 'em wanting more.

Two on one date.  The most demonic thing ABC could come up with.

I think its weird that she's holding hands with both of them as they walk into the cave.

In the event of a cave in, Emily will have to chose who to eat and who to marry.

What is it about this girl that makes boys want to open up and cry?  And there seems to be a trend of criers = going home. 

Cocktail Party

I only have one thing to say: What the heck was up with Chris???  Doug was right, that was immature.

Rose Ceremony

I predict the two going home will be Alejandro and Long Hairs.

I was right about Long Hairs, but Charlie!  I did not see that coming!  Poor guy. 

My picks for the final four are Sean, Arie, Jef and ???  I'm not sure yet. 


  1. i know -- jef's "should we go back" -- no wonder she's wondering if he likes her!!!

    thanks for linking to your blog in my comments! i love reading another bach commentary!

  2. What did you think of her picking Jef? (Okay, seriously, who spells their name with ONE 'f' I mean really, no one.)

    1. Yeah the spelling is weird. I bet he just started that recently!! I was surprised, but happily. The further they went on the show together the more I saw them as a good match. And my favorite pick for her was Sean and once he was gone I was worried she would pick Arie. So I was pretty happy with Jef. And of course I hope they move to Salt Lake eventually, because that's where I live!!


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