Friday, June 28, 2013

Food Friday: A light summer stew

I bought a lot of frozen tilapia for a recipe that didn't use much and I have so much leftover.  I don't usually care for the taste of tilapia, so I was a little nervous to try this recipe, but YUM!  It turned out so good.  A perfect stew for spring and summer, since its full of veggies and lighter ingredients.  Its not a hearty, stick to your bones kind of stew, its a get ready for swim suit season stew.  My recipe is heavily adapted from this recipe. 

1 can petite diced tomatoes
1 c corn
1/4 c cider vinegar
2 cloves garlic
2 T olive oil
1/2 large zucchini, small dice
1 red bell pepper, small dice
10 kalamata olives, small dice
salt, to taste
salt free seasoning (I used my fajita seasoning, it has no salt)
2 filets tilapia

1. Pulse half can of tomatoes, corn and vinegar in a blender.  It should still be chunky, you don't want a puree.
2. Heat oil on medium high heat in a deep frying pan and cook garlic until fragrant.  Add tomato/corn mixture and remaining tomatoes. 
3. Add zucchini, bell pepper and olives. Season with salt and seasonings.  Stir and cover for five minutes.
4. Add fish and cook 15-20 minutes until fish is flaky and cooked through.

I tried to leave the fish as whole as possible, but it fell apart so easily.  I wanted to add some parmesan cheese as well, but we were so hungry we ate it before I could remember to add it! We also ate it before I could take a picture! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

TBT Birthday

Linking  up with Bonnie this week for Throwback Thursday!!
So I'm at my parents' this week and I went through a lot of photo albums to download pics for this fun series and. . . apparently I went through a phase of not wanting my picture taken.  From like 8 until I was 20.  This is the best picture I could find for this post.  It was a little after my 13th birthday, but I was camping so I'm hoping I was a little cuter than this in my day to day life.  Who knows?  There isn't a lot of photo evidence.

My most vivid birthday memory is my 13th birthday.  Fitting, don't you think?  Becoming a teenager.  I was the youngest of my group of friends (which I hated at the time, but now I think it's pretty great!) and so they all made this big deal about it.

I had a slumber party on the tramp with my best girlfriends from school.  They went in on my birthday gift as a group and got me jelly shoes and every color of nail polish (wet n wild holla!).  Both of those things (jellys and multi colored nails) were critical to jr. high survival, so they really did have my best interest at heart. 
Just like these, only mine were clear.

In the middle of the night my dog got loose and charged us on the trampoline.  It was pretty awful.

The best part of the birthday was the next morning when all my friends were getting ready to go home, the phone rang.  My sibling (can't remember which one) brought me the phone.

"Happy Birthday," said the voice.

My heart stopped.  It was my biggest crush of all time calling me on my birthday.  We talked awkwardly for a minute.  I probably got off the phone so quick he thought I didn't like him.  I really was just so scared to say something stupid!  Even now, thinking about it, I can remember the butterflies.

I didn't ever date him really, but he was my first date when I turned 16 and he also took me to my prom junior year (he was graduated.  I was so mature, taking a college man to prom!)  Ah, memories. 

Wanna watch the bachelorette with me? Week 5

Welcome to Kimberly and Aubrey Bachelorette thoughts!  Sorry we're a day later than usual.  It's my fault because I'm on VAY-CAY!  Just kidding, I don't really call it that.  I just say vacation like a normal person.
I watch the Bachelorette on Tuesday night, but I didn't read any tweets or blog posts about it.  So if what I wrote sounds like what you wrote, I promise I didn't steal it.  It's just that great minds thing going on. . .

So here we are in Munich Germany.  Des says Munich is so romantic.  What happened to the actual romantic cities, like Paris and Rome?  When it comes to the Bachelorette, they just throw that word around so willy nilly.

I feel like learning those phrases in German was like one of the hardest parts of Chris Harrison's job.

Date with Chris
Bryden's going to go home.  Is he going to interrupt the date???  That is rude, no matter what your reasons are.  I'm sure the producers put him up to this.  Don't lead her on for another second! they say.  They are WRONG.

Chris says he feels comfortable in short shorts and a lederhosen.  Oooooo kay. . .

Chris says, I don't think anything can go wrong.  Never say this on the Bachelorette!  Foreshadowing!!!

I love the dramatic music while Bryden is talking to Des so that way I know what I'm supposed to feel.

I'm liking Chris more during this date.  Looks like Aubrey was right and I was wrong. . . (check out Aubrey's top four at the end of this post and my top four here)

Des asks, What are you looking for?
Probably not a nanny for his kids, because this isn't Super Nanny.  It's the Bachelorette, sooooo, my guess is he's looking for a wife.

Chris is about to read her something.  Inwardly I gag.  I don't do romance.  I'm like a third grade boy in that way.

Chris says, You can get a lot from a kiss.
Yeah, like a cold sore.

There's more tonight than just dinner.  Private concert?  More private concerts this season than helicopters.

Group Date
Juan Pablo trying to say yoddler was awesome!

James says love is like sledding down a hill.  Because you push off and let yourself go.  It's like he's trying to write a college essay or something. 

Des says this is the happiest place on earth.  Since ABC is owned by Disney, I'm surprised that made it on to the show.  Actually, don't tell me you didn't think of Disneyland when she said that.  Maybe it was the smartest advertising ever. . .

We didn't see any one on one time with Des and Juan Pablo.  Probably because they didn't talk.

Two on One Date
Des suggests a polar bear plunge.  Neither of the guys dares to test the water, so she does it for them.  Send 'em both home! 

Michael uses his robe tie around his head.  Thus looking cool while at the same time allowing his robe to flap in the wind and show off his abs.  It's a win win, really.

This date is so uncomfortable I can't think of anything funny to say!

The boys back at home call James a fraud.  They know better!  They can't say that, they have to use the whole phrase "not here for the right reasons."  It's in their contract.

Des says she giving the rose to the one she can see a potential future with.  And with that being said, she calls for the dog, "Here boy, here boy."  No actually she gives it to Michael.  So my final four still stands!  Whew!  I was getting nervous.

Ben says this is the worst day of his life.  I believe him.  It's also the worst date of my life, and all I did was watch it.

Rose Ceremony
Drew seems to be experiencing a heart attack, because keeping James would be like the worst thing ever.

Roses go to: Zak attack, #Kasey, Pablo de Juan, Baby Jake Pavelka (aka Drew), and James the cancer.

Going home: Mikey the non meat head.  And Ben and Bryden as well.

Mikey says she missed out on a life with him of love and happiness.  He doesn't say spaghetti, but I bet there would be a lot of that too.  #mafia

Go check out Aubrey (which is what I'm about to do!) Until next week friends! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Life Lessons from Michael Jackson

Today is the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death.  

For me, it's like where were you when JFK got shot.  Where were you when you heard that MJ died?  I was in Palm Springs with my family and Adam at an aviation museum.  Someone texted Adam the news and I was really sad.
At the Aviation Museum in Palm Springs
I loved MJ.  I just think his music is amazing (a song for every mood I tell you).  Second only to the Beatles.  Here are some life lessons I have learned from Micheal's music:
  • If I want change I need to start with the (wo)man in the mirror.
  • I doesn't matter if you're black or white (or both?)
  • We all need to do our part to heal the world and make it a better place.
  • We need to be conscientious of what we are doing to the earth.
  • You are not alone
  • One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch.
  • Billy Jean is not his lover.

My favorite words ever spoken by one of my nursery kids (3-yr-olds at church) was "Michael Jackson was half good and half bad."  He was certainly eccentric at best, but even so, Michael, you are missed. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Let's go for a walk

Axel on a walk.
Since it's Work Out Everyday in June going on over here, I've been going on lots of long walks with my kids.  It's the perfect way to get some activity into my life with out having to wait for Adam to get home or find a babysitter.  In the beginning I would head out and then 10 minutes in I would be wishing for something I had forgotten.  So I wanted to share my "necessities" for talking long walks.

Half the time we're walking into the sun (the other half it's to our backs) and I get a lovely headache if I forget these!

Nothing worse than being out in the sun and having dry lips.  Adam makes fun of my dependence on chapstick, but when we travel to places that aren't so dry, I promise I use way less.  It's not my fault, it's Utah's fault!!!  These are my favorite for walks.  I don't need color, just a little moisture and spf.

I got this for my birthday last year and I don't use it as much as I want.  It's hard to put something in my ears when I rely on them so much to do my job.  Is a baby crying?  Is Olivia asking for something?  Or worse, is Olivia being too quiet?  So it's great to listen to some tunes while we walk.  I only put in one ear (sorry Beatles songs, I have to skip you) so I can hear Olivia point out birds, trees and other fun things.  Having a little music makes me feel like I'm in a movie and helps the time pass faster.

Nothing makes the time drag like thirst!

Just for safety, it's always good to have my phone.  Also it's good to know how long we've been out on our walks.

For the kids
I also let my kids bring something that they want.  I've let Olivia bring a water before too, but I draw the line at toys for her.  She drops them too much and it slows us down.  Axel can have a teething ring and it's great because he's just learning how to manipulate objects.  Also a very light blanket, because Axel is a blankie boy and loves something to cuddle, even when it's 90 degree out!

The nice thing about kids is using their stroller to haul all of my own stuff!  Ha!  What do you like when you go out for a walk?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Food: A simple summer sandwich

I was never a sandwich person growing up.  The first time I remember liking a sandwich was when we had Subway for a picnic lunch when I was a kid (no idea how old)  I think my biggest problem was store bought bread and dry bread.

So basically, I love them now.  I don't make them as often because I like the works.  I want lettuce and tomato, sure.  But I also want olives, banana peppers, bell peppers, spinach, cucumbers and pickles.  That is a lot of chopping for one sandwich!  So I usually stick to Subway for my sandwich needs (which used to be once or twice a week when I was teaching!  Oh the good life. . .)

A few weeks ago I was reading Shay's food blog (she is the sister of Sean the Bachelor!  Check her out!) and she had this simple yummy sandwich.  I was inspired.  So when planning dinner I decided we would have sandwiches one night, but keep it simple.

First, I made this bread.  So easy.  Just try it, it is the best.  The only change I made was using half whole wheat flour.  I put half of the dough in an 8x8 pan and then after it baked, I cut it in half and split it open.  (So my sandwich was 8x4)

I had some leftover pesto and extra cream cheese so I mixed the two together and spread it on the bread.  Then topped it with turkey slices, pepper jack cheese, cucumbers and avocados.  So good, so simple.

Not super photogenic though. . .
This is just the worst picture.  Yes I have dishes in the sink, a cheese wrapper and knife in the background as well! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Meeting Blogger Friends IRL

Adam is really good at his job.  Mostly he wins awesome things, like gift cards and iPads.  But last month for their incentive, Adam's team chose a day at Lagoon (an amusement park here in Utah).  Most of his team is single, I guess.  So yeah, I was a little T/O that he would be spending his day riding rides while I was at home with the kids by myself, just like every other day of my life.  I love my kids, but I live for Saturdays with Adam home.  I did not react well.

But I guess something good did come of it.  I decided that if Adam could leave me for a whole day, I could stop feeling guilty for leaving him with the kids for an evening.  And so I signed up for Bonnie's Blogger Round Table.  I've been wanting to go for SO LONG!  I finally decided Axel would be okay with a bottle (he wasn't, and cried a portion of the time, but Adam was cool about it) and I could meet some friends!
Suzzie, Me, Tayler, Aubrey and Bonnie front and center!

Of course I got to meet Bonnie.  I've been reading her blog for about a year and a half.  Even though we taught for the same school district we had never met!

And my new blog friend, Aubrey!!!  She did the 30x30 challenge with me and she also blogs the bachelorette with me!  It was so fun meeting her!

I also got to meet two new girls, Tayler and Suzzie.  It was so fun chatting with them!

I was worried I would be super nervous, but Axel was screaming when I left (everything I tried wasn't helping so I decided it didn't matter if I stayed or went, so I went) so I had him on my mind more than meeting four strangers.  When I walked into the room where they were sitting it was like, "Hey girls!  What's up?"  Like we had already met.

And as usual, I probably talked way too much.  And too loud.  The teacher in me will never die.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wanna watch the Bachelorette with me? Week 4

Once again Aubrey and I are bringing you our life changing thoughts about the Bachelorette!  So much fun, we actually got together to watch it IRL!  And she brought snacks, so Adam thinks she's awesome.

Brad 1x1
Was there nothing good during the carnival portion of the date, or were my kids being crazier than normal and I missed it?

Check out this sand castle.  Best make out zone ever!

Aaaand boringest convo ever.

Des: I absolutely loved every single moment (except for the moments I didn't like so NO ROSE FOR YOU!)

Brad: I just want this to be the right decision for her. 
Finally, this guy knows what's up.  Not every person is going to be a perfect match.

Group Date
Michael G says he grew up dreaming of being Mr. America.  Please say he's being sarcastic and I just can't tell. 

The mayor is judging this pageant?!?!?!  Your tax dollars hard at work here.

I love that Brooks chose a lion as the animal he would be (no hesitation!)  I imagine his inner dialogue: What animal has the best hair. . .

Mikey T very eloquently states that he is not a meat head. There is more to him than just his body.  He has insides.

Kasey #tapdance

Mikey T does everything he can to prove that he's a meat head during the talent portion.

Zak is the only guy with a real talent.

Mikey T flexes during the swimsuit competition to he can prove again that he's a meat head. 

Brooks, 2nd runner up
Zak, 1st runner up (Zak!  I was a first runner up in my pageant too!  Solidarity man!)
Kasey #mramerica

Chris says, I write poetry
Des says, I do that!
Chris is thinking: I know, I stalked your facebook page.

James 1x1
While I'm all for giving service, this might possibly be the most depressing date ever.

Finally a couple that actually deserves a fairytale date!

And now we're watching what the bachelor would look like if they had a senior version.

Des: The fact that James is so honest. . . (um, he cheated?  Is that being honest???)

Private concert are the new helicopters.

Apparently admitting that you made a horrible decision makes you trustworthy.

Cocktail Party/Rose ceremony 
Michael G is giving her papers with letters on them as he compliments her.  Des says, Oh thank you!  A letter on a paper.  She's so good at being fake excited/interested.

Chris is not my fav, but it looks like he'll be here for a while.

Bryden is having a hard time with the situation?  Once again, people watch the show before you come.  Know what to expect!!

Going home:
Brad (during his 1x1 date)
Zack K.

All in all, I felt like the editing of this episode was really odd.  We didn't get much conversation time between Des and any of the guys.  Is it just me???

So Aubrey and I made our guesses for the hometown dates!  I'm posting hers, she's posting mine.  So head over to Aubrey's blog to see my picks!

Aubrey's Top 4
Drew, underdog
Brooks, because a SLC hometown. Plus their "amazing connection!"
Chris, not because I want him, but because I think he'll get a hometown
Kasey, because I can't pick a #4 and I'm obsessed with social media (aren't we all Aubrey???) #wildcard

Monday, June 17, 2013

Some things will never change

My daughter just licked the screen door.  She looked at me and said, "Gross."  And. . . did it again.

Olivia loves tasting things.  She eats the play dough every time.  She was the oldest girl in her nursery class at church to still eat the crayons. 

It's funny because this oral fixation has been something unique about her since she was just a couple weeks old.  Here she is licking the side of her car seat, less than a month old!  People would see this and say, "She must be hungry!" (which, let's be honest, always bugged the heck out of me) but no, she just liked to lick things.

And here's my Axel Boy, pulling the covers over his face to sleep.  Every time
He does not sleep like this at night.  At night he's swaddled and cannot use his arms to pull the blanket over his head.

In fact we were on a walk yesterday and he was happy, but near the end he started fussing a little.  I stopped and replaced his binki using his burp cloth to kind of keep it in place (he can't hang on to a binki to save his life, this kid) Seriously like one minute later I checked to see if he had fallen asleep and he had pulled the burp cloth over his face and just zonked.  It was then that I realized he totally pulls that blanket over his face on purpose.

I can't wait to see if he continues this for years to come.

Its so crazy how kids are born with their own personalities and traits, right?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Food Friday: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

It was a crazy day last week (psh, everyday is crazy with Olivia living here) and I did not feel like cooking.  I had planned to make pizza for dinner and then I thought maybe it was too much for me on a day like that.  But you know what?  It wasn't. 

Adam had won some buffalo wing sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings (How??? I don't know, I was out of town!) so I decided to go with that.  It was a little spicy so I did 1/3 of the pizza with BBQ sauce for Olivia and the other 2/3 in buffalo sauce.
This picture is not very appetizing, but I promise it was good!  We also like to add a little baby lotion too. . . just kidding, I don't know why there is baby lotion in this picture.

The pizza dough I made is so simple!  But you can always buy dough if you want to make it even easier.  You can find the original recipe here, but this is what I used.

1 1/2 c whole wheat flour
3/4 c white flour
1 t salt
1 c warm water
1 T honey
1 packet yeast (.25 oz)
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Mix flours and salt.  
  3. Mix water, honey and yeast and let it sit until foamy.  
  4. Mix water and flour mixtures.  
  5. Let rise for 10 minutes. 
  6. Roll out and prick with a fork.
  7. Cook for 10 minutes or until desired crispiness is reached.
  8. Cover in sauce, cheese and toppings.  
  9. Heat in oven until cheese is bubbly.  
My toppings were just mozzarella cheese, chicken and red onions.  Celery would also be fun, but I didn't have any on hand.

Oh yeah, dip it in a little ranch or blue cheese for the full effect :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

If you really knew me

So these posts were all the rage in blogging world a few several months ago.  I was like, "No way am I doing one of those mushy gushy emo posts."  Because that's what a lot of them seemed to me.  "If you really knew me, you'd know I'm easily broken hearted. . . " etc.  But then I realized if you really knew ME, you'd know I hate being all mushy.  So I started a list and forgot about it.  But when Jennie posted hers, I pulled mine out and still didn't post it.   I obviously got around to it!  Here is my list.

If you really knew me, you'd know:

I sing everything. (Have you seen Rob and Big?  He sings "I love net guns and whoever invented them." Those are the kind of songs I sing.  And real ones too)

I go to bed early, like 9pm.  You'd know that if I don't I get cranky and mean.  And sometimes I cry.

I drive a stick shift.

I have an annoying voice.  And I talk loud.

I don't know how to spell very well.  Thank goodness for spell check.

I leave my phone at home about 60% of the time (I'm actually getting better about this)

I'm super independent and I'll do almost anything alone if I want (go to the movies, out to eat, drive to CA. . . )

I love to cook.  It's my love language.

I shower and get dressed every day.  It makes me feel sick if I don't.  I might not do my hair or put on makeup, but I can't stay in my pjs all day. 

I love Michael Jackson.  And Michael Scott.  And Michael Bluth.  I think I just came up with three reasons to name my next son Michael.  Heck, I even like Michael Jordan a little (thank you Space Jam!)

I don't love country music.  I like it a little, and I'll listen if Adam has it on (can't figure out how to turn off my ears, so. . . ) but I will never turn it on by choice.

I love oldies music and rap/hip hop.  And I can rap a little.  My brother is actually a rapper (no joke) so I'd like to think I've learned a little from him.

And well, that concludes the list of things you would really know about me.  So consider yourself my personal friend.  :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wanna watch the Bachelorette with me? Week 3

Once again Aubrey and I are bringing to you our deep thoughts about the Bachelorette!

Love is a Battlefield
So they go on this date to play dodge ball and the winning team gets more time with Des.  Yawn.

Brooks has a hurt finger and suddenly Des is all "I didn't want anyone to get hurt"  Apparently she missed 5th grade PE.  You can't play dodge ball without someone getting hurt.  Add to that that these are grown men, competing for a girl.  Pretty sure they expected (dare I say hoped?) for this.  Drama.

Des pulls a Lowe and brings all the guys.

Brooks has an out of body experience over a broken finger.

Chris says, I think I might get the rose.  Enter Brooks.  Cue music for a kid who just learned to walk again.

But Des proved me wrong.  Chris does get the rose!  And they go to a . . . drum roll please. . . PRIVATE CONCERT.  Did not see this coming.  

Of course they let the other guys watch from above.  Not weird at.all.

Kasey's One on One
Kasey: Nothing can ruin our day!!  Fore shadowing.

Yadda yadda, a scene that seems totally scripted with Brian.

Kasey gets to now play the knight in shining armor (although not literally.  I think we all know how that went down) and be there for her after Brian destroys her faith in men.

As they dance on the building Kasey says it feels like sharing a moment that no one else will share.  Well Kasey, that isn't just what it feels like, that is actually what it is!

But sadly the date isn't going good.  So the wind starts blowing.  We see the rose blow ominously in the wind.

Oh no!  The pool is freezing.  This date is horrible!  No one has ever had such a bad experience in their life!  Growing up in a tent was cake compared to this date.

Just seconds after she tells the cameras what an awful day she's had, she tells Kasey she's giving him the rose because they had such a great date.  Lies!

Stage Coach Date
Another competition.  Des drank goats milk for Sean and she has not forgotten and she is not going to let anyone off easy.

Suddenly Des is in a totally different dress.  Why not?  This is a fairytale, so why not?

Juan Pablo wins because he can speak Spanish.  But if he can't say "I'm here for the right reasons" in English it's clear this relationship isn't going to work.

And now they get to watch the movie in what looks like the most uncomfortable movie chair ever.

Des talks about the movie and suddenly we're watching a commercial for the Lone Ranger.

I like Zac W.  What the heck.  Shirtless guy?  You were supposed to be a jerk after that!

James seems like he's here for a job interview, not a dating show.  He's nice, but I just don't feel it.  Okay, he just pulled the daisy stunt.  I change my mind.  That was cute.

Pool Party/Rose Ceremony
Do bachelorettes get their makeup tatooed on?  It never seems to run off when they hop in the pool.

Ben looks like a five-year-old when he lies about not having time with her yet.

And Brandon explains the whole issue with this style of dating show.  There isn't much else to think about other than the girl/guy in question.  Making every thing way more intense than it would ever be in real life.

If Des has to say "Will you accept this rose?" to Juan Pablo in Spanish, will they be able to communicate on a daily basis???

Seriously there are still some guys I don't recognize.

Going home:
Brandon (poor guy!)
Dan.  I caught his name when Chris Harrison said it, but otherwise I would not have known who he was!

Brandon is in love with Des???  Good grief, go home and meet a girl the normal way.  Chill out.  You've known her for three weeks and you weren't even exclusive!  It's just. . . annoying.

Okay I'm done.  Go check out Aubrey

Monday, June 10, 2013

Where do you work?

Almost every day Olivia gets ready to leave the house.  Often on her princess car.  Sometimes with her shopping cart.

"Where are you going Olivia?"

Usually she's going to Fiji (she obsessed with our honeymoon pictures from Fiji).  Other times she's taking after dad and going to work.

"Where do you work Olivia?"

Always Andrew and Martha's house (my brother and his wife).  I have no idea why.

Today she got so far as to open the door (note to self: Olivia can unlock the dead bolt.  Be on constant alert) but then she realized forgot her keys (naturally her keys are the shoelaces on her sparkly shoes).  I guess this is something I say a lot!

Here she is, with Emily, probably going to drop her at daycare first, locking the door on her way to work.  She's so responsible.

And here she is standing right outside the door, ready to make a break for it!

Friday, June 7, 2013


After doing the 30x 30 challenge, I sure feel like I'm seeing that number a lot.  And today?  Today is my 30th birthday!  30 days ago I tweeted that I wanted to find something to do 30 of before I turned 30.  It was a little late for hiking 30 mountains, or even drinking 30 different flavors of soda.  I'm trying to lose not gain more weight so Anna's idea of 30 flavors of ice cream, while delicious sounding, was unrealistic.  So here are some things I did manage to do 30 (or more in most cases) of before my 30th birthday:

1. Create 30 different outfits from 30 items of clothing (duh!)
2. Eat 30 mini chocolate chips (30 x 30 would probably be closer to the truth)
3. Nurse Axel 30 times
4. Go to bed 30 times
5. Wake up 30 times
6. Change 30 diapers
7. Give 30 kisses
8. Give 30 hugs
9. Showered 30 times
10. Brushed my teeth 30 times
11. Read 30 board books
12. Read 30 chapter books (in my lifetime, not just this year)
13. Tweet 30 tweets
14. Lose 30 hairs (I wish it was only 30)
15. Written 30 blog posts
16. Taught 30 students
17. Graded 30 papers
18. Taken 30 pictures of my children
19. Cooked 30 dinners
20. Uploaded 30 videos of my children to youtube
21. Go on 30 walks
22. Pushed Olivia in the swing 30 times
23. Watched 30 episodes of The Office
24. Watched 30 episodes of Arrested Development
25. Watched 30 episodes of Modern Family (I may watch too much TV. . . )
26. Complete 30 projects/recipes I found on pinterest. (I used to keep track on my DONE board, but I got lazy)
27. Washed 30 loads of laundry
28. Ran the dishwasher 30 times
29. Cleaned up Olivia's toys 30 times
30. Made 30 shopping lists

Yay!  The 20s were a good decade, and man they went by fast!  I can't imagine how fast the next ten years will go :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June's Goal

So we're a few days into June, but I wanted to kick off my goal for the month.  My goal is to workout every day in June, except Sunday. What I really need to do is decide what a workout actually is!

So here are some I expect to do, that for sure will count:
  • Run/walk at least a mile
  • Talk a walk with the kids to the park (this is 1.5 miles round trip)
  • Do my Pilates DVD
  • Ride the spin bike in the workout room for at least 30 minutes

Things that do not count:
  • Walking to check the mail
  • Anything that doesn't raise my heart rate
  • Anything that takes less than 20 minutes (except for running a mile.  If that took more than 20 minutes it wouldn't be running)
Other than that, I'll have to call it as I go.

I'm excited!  Probably wont be once this starts (I'm writing this on May 31st, I just don't have a slot to post it until now)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wanna watch the Bachelorette with me? Week 2

Welcome back as Aubrey and I give you our thoughts while watching the Bachelorette!

I tuned it five minutes late.  I figured I could skip the "Tonight on the Bachelorette. . . " intro.  When turned on the TV at 7:05 they were just beginning the one on one with Brooks.

1 x 1 with Brooks
So Des isn't the kind of girl that will skip straight to the Fantasy Suite, but she will skip straight to the wedding.

I love that they take some pictures together in their wedding attire.  Maybe a little awkward if they end up married to other people, but I guess that's the joy of digital photos.

Des says about Brooks: When he falls in love, he falls in love.
I say about my husband: When he eats his dinner, he eats his dinner.  When he takes off his socks, he takes off his socks.  Is this how we play this game?

If I've said it once, I've said it before (or maybe I was just thinking it) I'm not sure a private concert would be my jam.  Too much pressure to act super enthused.

Des: Tonight sets the tone for the rest of my #journey.  Everyone take a drink (of lemonade.  I don't drink!  I'm a Mormon.)

Group Date
So they have the token black guy, Will, and he does yoga and can't dance to rap.  So they don't have a token black guy. . .

Brandon is playing Casey (Guard and protect your heart), and they kind of look a like to me?  Maybe not if I saw them side by side, but they have a similar vibe.

Later that night when Ben is kissing Des, they pan over to Brandon sitting in the shadows like a little creeper.  Yeah, that's weirding me out.

Ben gets the group date rose.  He says: I knew Des had feelings for me, and now everybody else does.
Me: Everybody else does what?  Have feelings for you?  Ego.

Road trip with Bryden
Des's hair in the convertable is making me want a brush.  Do you think she's getting it brushed out in between shots?  Probably.

As they pull into dinner the music swells.  I love how the music let's me know what I should be feeling at climactic moments during the show.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony
Ben, Brooks and Bryden are safe. She obviously has something for the letter B.

There are some unspoken rules about the Bachelor/ette.  You don't steal time from someone when you already have a rose.  Or maybe that's the most spoken rule in all of Bachelor/ette history.

Usually I agree with the other house members about who they don't like, but honestly I don't understand why everyone hates Ben.  He's not my favorite, but I don't dislike him either.  Time will tell.

Chris Harrison takes the drama as a good sign. . . for the ratings and for his job security.

As she hangs out the roses, its clear that some of the guys are dang near tears.  I hate to say that there are other fish in the sea. . .

In the end we lose:
Baby Barack (token non black guy)
And two others I don't think I've ever seen before

Just once I'd like to hear an exit interview where the guy was like, "Dude, I've only known the chick for two weeks!  Life goes on."  But no, they put something in the water champagne on this show that makes them fall in love way to quickly.

And once again, check out my girl Aubrey for her bach-cap.

Monday, June 3, 2013

30x30 Looks 25-30

The long awaited finish line has arrived!  I did the worst this last week because of the dang flu that my babies and I all got.  I wore 30x30 outfits every day, even though I didn't put on mascara (my eyes were too watery).  But I didn't take pictures because of the mascara and stuff, so all of these are recreated!

DAY 25-Saturday
Today was my dad's surprise birthday party.  He didn't seem curious when my mom started baking plates full of chocolate chip cookies, and he didn't believe me when friends of his started showing up that they were there for a party for him!  (We weren't creative enough to pull the whole "SURPRISE!" jump out part)  We had a great night playing a trivia game with so many of his friends, old and new.
I went with a little gray on gray action here.  I added the belt to break it up.

DAY 26-Sunday
I was sick today.  I didn't get dressed, but this is what I was going to wear, and what I did wear to church one week later.

DAY 27-Monday
Happy Memorial Day!  We mostly hung around the house trying to get better and eating vegetarian corn dogs and hamburgers.
Holy not good picture.

DAY 28-Tuesday
This was supposed to be the day we drove home to Salt Lake, but I wanted one more day to make sure we were all healthy for the drive.
I just love peach and blue together.

DAY 29-Wednesday
We made the long drive again!  This time we managed to make it in 12 hours instead of 13 1/2.

DAY 30-Thursday
The final day!  Axel had his 4 month check.  I was so sad that he just got healthy and now he had to get shots and feel crappy again.

If you ever want to participate in this challenge, let me give you a few tips:
  • Pick items that are true to you.  I don't wear that much color most of the time so I don't know why I picked so much color.  I wear mostly black and white, I should have stuck with that.
  • Pick items that are very different.  I had two pairs of colored pants, peach and red.  They are way too similar!  If I wore them both with the same top, you probably wouldn't notice they were different pants unless they were side by side.  
  • I need more accessories.  Adding a belt or necklace added so much to my outfits to make them feel different than every other outfit I wear.
And with that being said, I never want my picture taken again!!

Here are all the other wonderful ladies that did this challenge with Kelly:

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wanna Watch the Bachelorette with me? Week 1

Last time I started writing about Emily's season I got seriously bad morning sickness three weeks in and pretty much abandoned my blog. And then Sean's season of the Bachelor Axel was born so I didn't even try to blog about that one. So I'm super excited for blogging about it Desiree's season!

Also, one of my new blogger friends, Aubrey, from the 30x30 challenge has decided to cover it with me! 

So, like last time, this will be what I wish I could say to you if we were watching it together.  Not so much a recap as the witty remarks that will make you chuckle.  It's like live tweeting, only not live and no character limit.

Okay, right off the bat I have to say, last Bachelorette we had Emily and her tragic loss of Ricki's dad.  Now we have Des and her humble beginnings.  We sure like our Bachelorettes to be underdogs, don't we???

A little about a few of the 25 guys
Will from Chicago.  Is it just me or does he look like a little Barack?  And he's from Chicago!  See, Baby Barack.  Free high fives?  Dang it!  I wish I was there, because I am so sick of paying good money for high fives all the time.

A professional magician?  I would rather date Gob.   I what to know how he feels about the word "trick".  (Hint: It's an illusion!)

Dudes getting out of the limo
Okay, so it's clearly getting harder and harder to be original when getting out of the limo.  That being said, these guys sure gave it their best shot!  (or worst?)

Social Media (I'm now calling him Hashtag) says #LetTheJourneyBegin #IAlwaysTalkInHastags

Baby Barack is nick naming her Athena.  I hope she nick names him Baby Barack.  And I hope that he's republican.

Loyalty is an intense dude.  But he seems cool.

Knight in shining armor looks pale.  I think he's going to throw up.

Tie-my-shoe guy, that was pretty good.

Brandon shows up on the motorcycle.  It's no helicopter, but it could still be pretentious.

Oh man, the dad!  I'm such a sucker right now.  I hope he wasn't adopted just for this show.

Cocktail Party
Hashtag says #IWantARose. I guess he really does talk like that!

Des: It really means a lot to me, I've been in your shoes.  I know you had to take time away from family and friends and from work, and I've been in your shoes!
Um, is she drunk already?

Magician guy knows his Arrested Development.  He steered clear of the word "trick".  I am impressed.

Larry wants to talk about the failed "dip".  And then he just stares at her until she asks if he's tired.  He's not.

Fantasy Suite does not give up.  I've known guys like him.  They should lay low and come on less strong, but they keep coming, stronger each time.  Des probably wasn't too sad to see him go.  My two favorite quotes from him?
"I have no filter."  That is not a desirable characteristic in the person you plan to have witness you give birth (your husband)
"My mom says I'm good looking."  You'd be better off saying, "I think I'm good looking". 

Now that Larry is talking to the guys about how he's #2 on the list of people to go, right after Fantasy Suite, he's quite funny!  Too bad he was too busy being creepy to be himself and show Des how funny he can be.

And here comes Hashtag to punctuate the moment with #FantasySuiteFailJonathan

With the rose ceremony looming, Brandon takes a moment to share with the camera why he hopes to get a rose. "This path I've been on for the past 26 years. . . "  Most people call that path life.  And the point of your path is to meet Des on this show???  Time to find a new path dude.  (To be honest I remember these guys for such a short time during the first episode so I don't know if he got a rose or not)

In the end we say good bye to:
Dreamy McSteamy (I'm guessing because I didn't see a guy in a lab coat get a rose)
Suit of Armor (poor guy)
Makes His Own Suit
Larry the Lover Creeper
The Magician
And of course, Fantasy Suite

Larry leaves us with a small golden nugget as he explains practicing his move.  "Of the 50 people I dipped. . . " I sure hope "dip" isn't a euphemism. 

And that concludes week 1, never my favorite.  It's only going to get better from here folks.

Don't forget to check out Aubrey's post as well!