Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wanna watch the Bachelorette with me? Week 2

Let's just jump in, shall we?

Ryan's Date:

Emily's first date with Ryan kinda left me yawning.  I did not feel any chemistry between these two.  The best part of their date was when Emily said "But obviously I'll really be in charge."  That was the first comment I've heard from her that wasn't so syrupy sweet.  Why wouldn't Ryan answer the question???  How will he keep the romance alive once he's got the girl???  I'm not really a fan.

Why do the Bachelors always go on these private concert dates?  I can't think of anything more awkward than dancing while the band watches your every move.  But this time?  Even worse with all those "friends and family" of Emily's taking a million pictures with their iPhones.  Its the reason I made everyone else dance with me at my wedding.

Group Date

Kalon is annoying.  I'm not going to break down all his annoying comments.  I'm just not.

The "comedy" routine?  I don't know what Charlie was so scared of, he could not have done any worse than those two.  Maybe we didn't see the best part?  I have a feeling that we did.

"Roses are red, violets are blue.  Emily, I really want to get to know you." LAME.  I know, I know, you just came up with that on the spot.  But seriously, way to play it safe.

Jef: I think this was the best talk I've had with her yet.
Me: Out of how many?  TWO??? 

I do want to comment on one Kalon moment. 
Kalon: (in regards to getting interrupted by other guys) I'm a little more eloquent--and then I go gossip about it like a girl.

Joe's Date

So first off, I notice this guys eye brows are. . . too perfect?  I'm cool with a guy cleaning up his face a little, but be careful you don't look like my Ken doll.

And honestly that's all I've got for that one. 

Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony

When Dad #2 is talking to Emily, I have to laugh.  "I left him at home."  I guess it just seemed funny that he felt the need to emphasize that.

Oh Kalon, you remind me of a guy I went out with.  The only guy I ever refused to go out with again to his face.  "Mentally refreshed"?  Who says that???

There were some face in the rose ceremony that were new to me: Long hair (Michael) and 2 Studs (Alejandro)

In the end she sends Hipster Glasses home.  I want him to date my sister, but my husband says he's too old for her. 

Sean.  I like him.  My money is on Sean.  He'll lay low for a few episodes but then I bet they have a really great one on one and he at least makes it to hometowns.

Good grief I need a nap.  Yawn.


  1. I want to know about this guy you refused to his face! Do tell!

    1. Okay but it deserves its own post. PS You're so nice for reading my bachelor blog posts even though I know you hate the show!!

  2. Watch it every week with Christy, Jen Mills, and Lisa Pope. Oh my heck it is fun! Most weeks we raise the roof laughing...and the ostrich egg...she throws it??? LOL! Can't wait for next week!

    1. That sounds like a BLAST!! I'll have to crash it sometime! I saw that with the egg. He must do something really mean!


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