Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I cut my own hair

I have hair.  Most of us do.  Mine is both a blessing and a curse.  Because its fine and I have a lot of it.  Which means that even though one of my sister's pig tails is still thicker than my whole head of hair, if I were to say crimp it, I might be mistaken for the black Spice Girl.  You know, except that I'm blonde.

Seriously one day I crimped my hair and it just kept getting bigger and bigger, and then I went to Jamba Juice and the girl making my smoothie said I looked like a spice girl.  But I digress.

Oh another funny story is one day my students asked if my hair was really soft and I guess I said yeah because then she wanted to touch it.  And then the whole class wanted to touch my hair.  And they kept asking to touch my hair like every day for a few weeks.  Again, off topic.  Sorry.

So because my hair is long and fine and there is a lot, its like the perfect storm for getting tangles.  And over time I've learned something: Once hair tangles, its more likely to tangle again.  So I started cutting out the small little tangles in my hair.  So far none of my hair dressers have noticed.  And if they don't notice probably no one will.

So I guess now you know something really weird about me.  Care to reciprocate?  


  1. This totally made me laugh...that is so random! And nope I don't care to reciprocate ;) Although I'm pretty sure you can come up with something good about me since we've known eachother so long! Miss you.

    1. Miss you too! You offered to give me a shower for this baby, but what do you think if we just had a Lancaster girls lunch instead? I think we did that for Kim Dunn a few years ago. . .

  2. Just stumbled across your blog... I wish I had thinner hair (mine is SOOOO thick and it is seriously annoying!) And on top of it being super thick, I also have a LOOOT of it!

    Hilarious that your kiddos wanted to touch your hair... Earlier this year one of my BOYS asked me if I 'painted' my hair (aka highlights)


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