Friday, July 27, 2012

The Olymics are coming!

First I need to know: is the word Olympics a proper noun?  Like does it need to be capitalized?  Because if not it looks like I just felt like randomly capitalizing a word in my title.  Because I usually only capitalize the first word.  Oh my goodness, who cares?  Moving on. . .

Do you guys remember the 1996 Olympics?  That was the first and most fun year of Olympics for me.  I was 13 and in 7th grade and obsessed with the gymnastic team (but I really don't know why because I don't especially have an affinity towards
gymnastics. . .) My friends and I would talk about it at school and I would rush home to watch the competitions in the evening.  I thought those girls were just so beautiful.  And we were winning!  The team was doing so well. 

And the best part was how, in the end, even though she had hurt her ankle already, Kerri Strug did a final vault almost perfectly and landed squarely on both feet for a brief moment before raising her injured leg and then falling to her knees.  Even now, looking back, I remember the feeling of awe I had for that girl.  Plus I just thought she was so pretty and I loved her short hair.
After that, the Olympics ended and everyone went back to their normal lives, but I just wished I could be friends with Kerri.  I just knew we would have so much to talk about and we would go shopping at the mall together.  She was just so cool.

Well, Kerri and I never became best friends.  I'm over it Kerri, no hard feelings.  I've never loved the Olympics as much since then, but I hold on to the hope that there will be an amazing story of courage that can make me proud to be an American (which of course I am all the time, but  its always fun to see our national teams do something awesome!)


  1. I'm glad you DID write this post! Ahh, Kerri...

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  3. I'm enjoying the swimmer from Colorado, Missy Franklin. Haven't watched much gymnastics yet.


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