Monday, July 23, 2012

The story of a very stubborn girl

It was Friday morning, which is Saturday in this house.  Adam was fast asleep after staying up to see the Batman movie.  Olivia was snuggled in my lap and every now and then she would look up and smile at me.  How I love my sweet girl!

And at 8am I decided it was probably time for breakfast.  So I whipped up some oatmeal for my girl and she started whining because she knew she was about to get food and it wasn't coming fast enough.  I got her in her high chair and as I lifted a spoon full towards her mouth she really started screaming. Sometimes she doesn't want what I'm giving her until she gets a taste and so I forced a small amount into her mouth.  No dice.  And then she was in full out bawling mode.  This was loud enough to wake up dad.  So Adam came and tried to feed her.  Sometimes switching up parents will help.  Not this time.  Finally I said, "What do you want?  The spoon?" and I just gave it to her.  And the whole bowl of oatmeal. 

And the crying totally stopped.

And she ate her whole bowl of oatmeal and it only took her an hour!  And I got to sit on the couch and read my book (the couch is like five feet from her high chair, I wasn't in the other room or anything).  Of course I paid for that later when I had to clean her up, but I guess she's going to have to feed her self with a spoon someday. 

My stubborn girl.

I know this one is a little blurry, but I just love her expression! 


  1. I remember that stage! They grow up so quickly!

    1. I guess I don't know what I thought, that with out any practice or mess making she would just be able to feed herself with a spoon? Messes were bound to happen eventually!

  2. Miss that baby!!! She did pretty well, I'd say!!


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