Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Favorites on Friday: Gift Wrapping

When I was a kid I loved wrapping gifts.  I would even wrap them for my dad.  I folded the edges over, used double sticky tape, made perfectly mitered corners. . . the works.  Now I have a bit more to wrap and so I'm not quite as meticulous, but I still love new ideas and making the presents look pretty.

Brown Paper
Just ask for paper instead of plastic next time you're at the grocery store and you can save a lot of money on wrapping and still look chic.  Here are some fun ways to doll it up!

Make Your Own Bows
As a kid I pretty much stuck to curling ribbon or stick on bows, but these homemade bows and pompoms are super simple and add a little more creativity. (I know, I know both of these examples also use brown paper, but they could go with anything.  The above two pictures not so much)

Cute Gift Tags
I love finding free printables on the internet.  And I love older more traditional looking gift tags.  These are some favorites I used on presents last year.

Use small inexpensive ornaments in addition to a bow to add a little something special.  I found some snowflake ornaments at Target two years ago that I like to add to presents.  Its almost like a little extra gift that they can keep and add to their tree.  This year I plan to use these as well as left over snowflakes (A few ornaments go a long way because you don't want to add them to every present, that diminishes the uniqueness)
Great photo, I know!  I'm sure the questions about my camera will come flooding in.  NOT.

Ribbon Alternatives
Just like with bows, don't feel stuck with your same old same old.  Try something new or unusual.  I love these solid red and white wrapped gifts tied with rick rack or wired garland. 

So what's your trick for fun and different gift wrapping ideas?  I better get on board with my wrapping.  Gifts this pretty deserve to be displayed for a while!!

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