Friday, November 2, 2012

Who should be allowed to vote?

So my mind was wandering while we were wandering (lost?  I'm always lost in those things) in the corn maze last week and I was thinking about voting.  Its not a weird as it sounds.  The maze was a political theme and there were some idiots throwing corn at each other (no they weren't teenagers, they had their kids with them) so I started thinking about how these people have just as much right to vote as I do.

Should everyone be allowed to vote?  Is that really going to end up being what's best for our country?  I don't know very much about economics, in fact I hardly know anything!  I don't understand foreign policy.  I'm not even sure I should be voting! (But I will be!)  Shouldn't these decisions be in the hands of people who have studied it for years?  Don't we know by now what works and what doesn't?

I mean obviously the answer is "no" or else why haven't we done it yet?

And so we allow everyone, as long as they are 18, to have their say in who leads us.   That's scary. 

You know what else is scary?  Not having a say. That's called a dictator or something.  I guess we all just decide what we think our government "owes" us.  More tax cuts?  More health care?  More military?  Less war?  And we vote for the person we think will give us more/less of that.

But shouldn't it be about what is really best for everyone?  I once asked my dad how he balanced being a public school teacher (known for being liberal) with being a republican.  He said when he votes he does what he thinks is best for the nation, not just for himself.  

Food for thought, is all.


  1. Hi Kimberly! Angela and I are paired up with you for the Christmas ornament swap. Will you shoot me an email sometime soon so we can get some info from you? I couldn't find your email address on here! Look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Mary (and Angela)

  2. I've actually thought about this too. You know on Jay Leno or whatever when they show reporters on the street asking basic questions about the election to people passing by, and the people sometimes don't even know the answers to the simplest of questions about the candidates? Sometimes I think those people, and people that uneducated, shouldn't vote. But then I'm like WHO AM I TO DECIDE THAT? Everyone has that right as an American! It's such a tough balance!


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