Friday, May 10, 2013

The truth is. . .

My favorite time of day is 7pm.  Dinner is over, Adam is home, babies are getting ready for bed and sun is pouring in the windows (more and more I'm realizing my happiness is largely linked to the sunshine).

Axel is happy, Olivia is happy.  Plus, naked babies.  The best, right?

Olivia and Baby Emily.  We hoped that she could care for Emily like I care for Axel, but instead she often makes me care for both of them at the same time.  Dang Emily, always crying at the same time Axel is, always needing my attention.

A video, if you so desire.  But you can skip it and the rest of this post will still make sense.  Don't feel bad.  I understand my kids are cutest to me.

And I could stop right there, and you would all think my life is great.  Well, it is, but let me tell you what happened right after I turned the camera off.

Olivia ran up to the bed excited to tell me something, and in her excitement she slams her hands down very close to Axel's head.

"Be careful, we don't want to hit Axel in the face."

In more of an act of defiance than cruelty, Olivia looked me straight in the eye and raised her hand to hit Axel.  I looked right back at her and said, "Do.Not.Hit."  And then. . . she did.

Well of course I got mad at her, and leaned over to pick her up so I could calmly explain why her actions were wrong get upset with her.  She went limp and smacked her face on the edge of my bed frame.  Axel got scared and started crying, she was screaming.  My happy moment dissolved into all out chaos. 

Eh, it happens right?  RIGHT???


  1. Yes, it does. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks! The good far out weighs the bad, but even the bad moments can make for a funny story! :)

  2. Lincoln is in tantrum mode this week, and hid babysitter told me he's been bullying her son. I'm all, "WHAT THE CRAP, LINCOLN?". Kids are weird. And confusing.

    1. And frustrating! And I just can't imagine how Lincoln could be bullying a kid, by the way.


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