Friday, May 17, 2013

Vintage Post: Jim and Pam saved my life

This post was originally posted on my old blog on January 21, 2010.  As The Office is ending I thought it was a good way to pay tribute to the couple that saved me from a fate worse than death.  I am not joking!  To keep this post authentic, I kept it exactly as it originally posted, although there are a lot of changes I want to make!  The episode I reference is episode 614, called The Banker and first aired on January 21, 2010.

Jim and Pam Saved My Life

No joke!! Even though I didn't really like the Office stooping to the level of so many other sitcoms by airing an episode created by compiling old clips, it did make me laugh. A lot. It was like some of the best moments from all 5 (or 6?) seasons all rolled into 22 minutes (that's not including commercials). Then at the very end there was the Jim and Pam montage and it reminded me of a journal entry I wrote just one week before Adam asked me out. I was lonely from ending another relationship and thinking about calling him just so I didn't have to be alone. But I was holding off by watching The Office and laughing out loud all alone. Then suddenly there was a moment on the show when Jim told the camera he was proposing to Pam and I felt a tingle go up my spine. Wow! I wished I could find a guy that made me feel that way! Of course the only guy I could think of that made me feel that way was Adam Thomas. What were the chances of him ever liking me, or asking me out?? I never got my way in love and relationships. In any case, that one moment kept me from calling an ex and holding out for real love. Luckily for me, it did turn out to be Adam!! Yeah, Jim and Pam saved me!!

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