Monday, August 19, 2013

30 Day Writing Challenge

Have you noticed that write has one T and written has two Ts?  And I always want to add an extra T to the word writing as well.  Spelling is not my strong suit.

Okay, so I usually have ideas pouring from my head so much so that I have blog posts scheduled three weeks in advance.  But I've noticed something.  Take time off writing and it's easy to lose that inspiration.  Just one week of vacation has me totally thrown! 

So I'm going to do the 30 day challenge that Julia did.  I'm not going to write every day, but I'm going to start this and when I feel like I got my groove back I'll kick it to the curb until I need it again.  :)

Today is 10 random things about your self!

1.  I hate the sound of ticking clocks.  Sometimes I forget this, and by a clock for my bedroom.  And then I have to hang it in another room.

2.  I have a yellow personality, which means chores around the house are really hard for me to do.  I have to find a way to make them fun, like a reward system.  Or listening to Michael. (if you have to ask which Michael, I don't know if we're friends)

3.  I'm looking for a townhouse.  It's very much like doing drugs.  The highest highs when you find something awesome, the lowest lows when you realize a) it's too much money b) they require 20% down c) it's in a bad part of town d) it doesn't have a garage or e) some other road block I have yet to come up against but probably will tomorrow.

4.  I can't write blog posts the night before.  I mean I CAN (I did this one) but I feel like they never turn out very good.

5.  I already said this, but spelling is not my strong suit. I really struggle with the word "definitely".  It took some time, but I managed to commit the spelling of "tomorrow" to memory.

6.  I don't mind my weight so much, but my shape is the issue.  I seem to have 20 extra pounds all in my belly.  I look cute for 3 months pregnant, but I'm not.

7.  Axel has made me scared to have another baby.  Just when I think things are finally looking up he likes to prove me wrong.  I don't know anyone more stubborn or strong willed than that kid.

8.  I really learned to love fall last year. 

9.  I often wonder what the fourth wall of the Cosby living room looks like.  And Monica's living room.

10.  I was going to write a post about missing school, since high school starts today, but I forgot when Axel screamed for 30 minutes. 


  1. I know spelling isn't your strong suit when you spelled it right the first time and not the second. :) Sorry!!! It's my bad habit to correct spelling in books, magazines, etc. I'd make a good spell checker or editor (but only for spelling, not grammar!)


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