Friday, August 2, 2013

Rocky Mountain Hi--igh! Colorado

Almost two years ago we took a little five-month-old on a road trip to Colorado for a family reunion in Breckenridge.  It was so fun, so beautiful there, and wouldn't you know?  We're going again!  We're leaving tomorrow, this time with a 2-year-old and a six-month-old.  And my sister Kellie, who will hopefully help with some of the back seat melt down issues.

On our last trip home from Breckenridge everything went wrong that could possibly go wrong.  I didn't have a blog then (just my interior design blog) so I wrote this on facebook.  Now I'm remembering this bizarre but really fun day. (I added a few notes to help everything make sense)

How do you turn a 7 1/2 hour drive into 14?

1. Get a speeding ticket.
2. Decide to stop and see the delicate arch in Moab. Meet up with Andrew, Martha and Blake [brother, sis-in-law and cousin] and do a short little mile hike to the view point.
3. Accidentally run into your grandma and grandpa at Arches, where they ask you to pick up your stranded cousins in Price UT.
4. Get stuck behind a truck fire on the freeway for 45 minutes. Get out of the car and hang out with your bro and other "neighbors"!
5. Get to Price on fumes (because there is a serious lack of gas stations on the 6!) and pick up Billy and Cait [stranded cousins]. Drop off the rental car [Billy and Cait's rental car] and meet up with Andrew and Martha and Blake at Main Street Grill.
6. Grandpa calls to see if everyone is alright. Then, since he's pulling into Price, he'll join you for dinner, with grandma, Ann and De [more aunts and cousins]. We call this family reunion take 2.
7. Say goodbye again! Take Billy and Cait home to Provo.
8. About 3 miles from the exit to your house, run into some seriously awful construction traffic. At 11:30 PM. Take 45 MORE minutes than usual to get home.
9. Put a crying baby to bed and then hope you get into your own bed before falling asleep!

So glad to be home! What a super fun/awful/exhausting day!!!

*     *     *

I hope none of these things happen to us again, not now that we've added two new babies (Martha and I both had babies this year) but I really look back on that day with fondness.  And it made for a great story!

And now, a few pictures from our stop at the delicate arch and the truck fire.
Thanks to the zoom feature on our camera.  We did not get this close.  Way too hot that day to hike with a baby.

Ever the spitter, Olivia always had a bib on.

This was a huge fire.

Seriously awful pants, but they were so comfy.


  1. Omg cuteness overload on those pictures! Those rocks are amazing.

    1. Thank you! And they are so beautiful, it would have been fun to walk right up to them.

  2. I've never seen these pictures!! Cute! (Except the truck fire wasn't cute!)


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