Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yesterday. . . (and twitter)

Love this girl but she almost drives me to drink.
Phew!  Yesterday, man.  What. A. Day. 

I dabbled in candle making, hosted a play date, deconstructed baby jammies (working on a project for Oilo) and cleaned up a mess so disgusting I probably should have called natural disaster clean up.  Or burned the apartment down.  I thought about tweeting that, but then if the apartment really did burn down (remember the candle making?) it would look really bad. 

AND!  I made Indian food.  Seriously, I want to make it every night.  How long do I have to wait before making something again?  Like a month?  Or two?  What is the protocol here? 

In between the natural disaster clean up (Olivia's room may never smell the same again) and dinner making, I went to Target alone.  My happy place.  I regrouped, ate some candy, and saw a grown daughter waiting for her mom (her mom was my cashier and so that's how I know it was her daughter).  Seriously, I almost burst out in tears.  Such a pretty girl, I wonder if she ever removed her diaper during a "nap" and smeared the contents.  Well, someday Olivia will be that girl and yesterday I looked forward to that time.  Not every day, but yesterday?  Oh yes.

And one last thing.  I need a new twitter to go with my new blog/etsy shop name (Olive the Things).  So. . .
olivethethings is taken. 
kt_olivethethings is too long. 
kt_oliveblog is weird, but so is my current handle. 
kt_oliveshop is also available, but not my favorite.
kt_ott is too many initials, and people will be thinking "what is ott????"
kimtom_olive is available, but WHAT? 
_olivethethings is actually available!  Should I go with that?! Is having an underscore at the beginning going to be super annoying?

sooooo I need help.  Suggestions?  Any of those not as horrible as I think they are? 


  1. Send her my way!! :-) and...I choose kt_olivethethings even though it's longer. I think it's strange to start with the underscore, but that's just me. :-)

    1. No it's actually too long, twitter wont let me use it :(

  2. I really like the olivethethings. it's cute! ps stop distracting me from work.


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