Monday, February 4, 2013

Our Story (I)

Every blogger does it.  Every blogger writes the story of how they fell in love.  And I guess I fight to be different and not do what every blogger does.  But when I read Bon's love story today, I realized how much I love reading other love stories.  And if I love it, surely someone else must love it too?  If no one else cares to read it, at least it will be documented for our children, and so for that reason (and others) here it is, finally, our love story:

*    *    *

What if?

The classic question that will freak you out if you ask it too often.

What if I never met Liz?  I would never have become a Family and Consumer Science teacher.  What if I never had a crush on that boy?  I would never have been so determined to live in Salt Lake after graduation.  What if I hadn't moved into those apartments?  I would never have. . . it goes on and on, and so its hard to know where to start our story.  Where does it really begin?  My favorite line from Dan in Real Life is: "So Dan, you were born?"  I could start at my birth, but we don't have that much time.  I'll start the summer after my first year of teaching.  I'll start when I turned 25, because that's when my mom wanted me to get married (or later, but not earlier)

*    *    *

25.  I secretly wondered if my mom was praying that I wouldn't meet the person I was going to marry until I was 25.  And so I wasn't surprised when three days after my 25th birthday a boy from church called and asked me out.  I thought he was really funny, after hearing him speak in church a few weeks earlier, and I had gotten to know him at choir practice (I was the director).  I was done dating jocks and so this slightly nerdy computer science major might be just the guy I was looking for.

We went out once and then he left to go home for a three week break from school.  A girlfriend of mine decided we should go down to St. George for a weekend of shopping, naturally we would stay with Jake at his house (names have been changed to protect the . . . annoying?)  I decided to plan the most epic trip of my life.  To this day, I think it's one of the best things I ever decided to do in life.

The day before I left on my trip I spoke in church.  They also were putting in a new Relief Society Presidency that day (Relief Society is the LDS women's organization, its where women spend their time during the third hour of church) I was asked to be the new secretary.  I was glad to not be choir director anymore.  But they forgot me!  The bishop (the leader of an LDS congregation) announced the new presidency, but stopped before he got to me.  And since speakers sit up in front I almost jumped up to the bishop to inform him of his mistake.  I didn't.  I decided to wait until the meetings were over. The bishop said it wasn't a mistake and asked me to see him after church.

So there I was in my bishop's office.  Instead of RS Secretary they wanted me to be the co-chair of the Fellowship Committee.  Fellowship Committee?  I felt like that was a made up thing.  But I agreed.

"And today," said the bishop, "we asked a young man to be on your committee.  Did you see him stand during sacrament meeting?  Here is his name and number.  Give him a call and let him know how he can help you."  I did see this boy stand up.  Bleach blonde spiky hair, shirt sleeves rolled to just below the elbow, he looked like one of those guys that only came to church to hit on girls in the hallway instead of going to class.  Plus, I didn't even know what I was doing!  How was I supposed to know what help I would need?  And, I informed the bishop of this, I don't call boys. 

The next day I left on my most epic trip ever!  I drove to San Diego to visit my friends Jenny, Shillawna and Lindsey.
Jenny and Shillawna, friends from high school.

Me and Lindsey, college roommate

From there I drove to Orange County to celebrate the 4th of July with my grandparents, cousins and my mom and sister.
Dallin and me.  Buy one cousin, get one free?

Cousin Kyle and me.

Then home to Lancaster for a few days.
Me and my "little" brother Kenny

Kellie, me, Kenny and Hannah.  All of these people tower over me now. 

Then on my way back to Salt Lake I picked up my girlfriend at the Las Vegas airport and we spent three days in St George shopping and eating out and swimming.  Oh and of course staying at Jake's house.  (Sorry no pictures of this part.  I deleted them all.)

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