Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Story (III)

Adam and I continued to be friends, even when they took him off my committee and gave him a different responsibility.  Despite his email, Adam didn't ask me out, and things kept going pretty much as they always had.

One Saturday towards the end of October I got a phone call from Adam.  He asked why I was home on a Saturday night.  I told him I was just waiting for my date to pick me up.  He wanted to ask me out for that night!  I tried to sound cool, but my heart was breaking inside.  My one and only chance and I already had a date.  As soon as I got off the phone I called my dad.  He told me it was better that I was not available.  I hoped that was true.

The next week there was a dinner and a service project.  Lucky for Adam everyone who was supposed to help him had gone out of town.  It was . . . a bit of a disaster.  But men seem to have a way of staying calm, even when a large group of people is showing up for dinner and there isn't any dinner.  I offered to go and pick up some bread to go with the lasagna that was still in the oven cooking.  And the boy who had taken me out that weekend offered to drive me to the store.  Dang, he was cramping my flirting style!  I declined and my roommate and I ran quickly to the store.  Dinner actually went okay! (Men, things always work out for them!)  My roommate conveniently had to leave after dinner, leaving me with out a ride to the food bank and Adam agreed to let me ride with him. 

On the way to the food bank Taylor Swift came on the radio.  "Who's a country music fan?" Adam asked the car full of girls.  All of them.  Except me.  He bragged about his Carrie Underwood tickets and how he wanted to have a contest for all the girls to see which lucky girl he would be taking to the concert.  I pretended not to care.

A week or two later I attended a institute class (like an LDS Bible study) and despite there being a huge turn out, Adam and some friends ended up sitting right in front of me.  I invited him to a non-existent Halloween party, and so my roommate and I quickly planned a Halloween party.  He showed up at the last minute and as he left (at 2am!) he asked me out for the next weekend! (I wrote this story in greater detail here, if you care to read it)  If you ever meet Adam in real life, you'll have to have him show you what I did with my eyes when I said yes.  Its hilarious and I don't believe it at all.

On our first date I honestly thought to myself, "I can't date Adam!  My face cannot take all this laughing and smiling."  We had so much fun and he asked me out again at the end of the date.  That November 19th he took me to see Carrie Underwood in concert.
Our first picture together, taken by Adam's cell phone at the Carrie Underwood concert.

We've been together ever since.  We got married a year and two weeks after our first date, on November 21, 2009.

There are a lot of details I left out, to keep this from getting out of control.  Maybe they'll creep up here and there as different blog posts.  :)


  1. you guys are so cute. I have loved reading your story! I feel like we're real friends now, since I know how you met. :)


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