Friday, February 15, 2013

Songs for those you love

For Valentine's Day when we were first dating Adam dedicated a song to me on facebook.  Why can't I find that on my stupid timeline?  Oh well not important.  I think the song was Never Wanted Nothing More, by Kenny Chesney.  In turn I dedicated You're My Best Friend by Queen to him.  And even though its not our song, it's become my song for him (I even put it on our wedding video).

The day after we found out Olivia was a girl I was driving to work when Stevie Wonder's Isn't She Lovely came on the radio.  Its like it was meant to be and that has been my song for Olivia ever since.

I was remembering how organic Adam and Olivia's songs had come to me one day.  Maybe later that day, or a few days after I can't remember, I was driving to a doctor appointment because I was pregnant with Axel.  The DJ on the radio started talking about a song by Paul Simon, how it talked about the love between a mother and son.  And I knew it was my song for Axel. 

I worry I wont find songs for the rest of my kids as organically but I'm sure it will happen.

Do you have songs for your children or family members?

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