Monday, March 25, 2013

The Colic

Axel, Axel, Axel.

He's got it.  He's got the colic.  A pretty dang mild case compared to my mom's babies and many of my friends babies.  But I won the baby lottery with Olivia, she hardly ever cried, so any baby compared to her is going to have colic.  If Axel was my first I would probably think he was a perfectly good baby.

Right now he's asleep in his crib.  When he's not sleeping I manage to convince myself that he'll never sleep again.  At night Axel waking to eat seems like a tragedy.  In the day time I realize its not so bad. 

I guess its all perspective.

I try to remind myself that this can only go on for another month or two, eventually he'll sleep through the night and he wont be so fragile so that Olivia can actually hug him with out giving me a heart attack!

But over all, I love this kid.


  1. Ooh so sorry. Colic is the worst. Luke didn't have it too badly but there were a few weeks when I thought I'd die- mostly because I was still teaching. My poor mom thoug- I had it for nine straight months as a baby and she couldn't even take me out of the house or I'd throw up from the stress. It's amazing she had any more kids :)

  2. Oh man Colic is the worst! I'm sorry girl! It definitely does pass. Once my baby girl got over it, it's like she was a new baby!

    1. So good to hear! He has good days and I think the worst is over, but then he gets super fussy again and I worry it will never end!


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