Friday, March 1, 2013

Tuesday night drama

All day Tuesday I had wanted to trim Olivia's hair.  When short hair grows out, occasionally you have to trim it or it starts to look like a mullet.  After dinner that night, Adam gave Olivia a bath while I fed Axel. 
Olivia with a beard of bubbles
I decided it was the perfect time to cut Olivia's hair, since it would be damp and not crazy (Olivia's hair gets crazy very easily)


I made the first cut a little higher than I intended, but it really wasn't bad.  Still, a little panic set in and when I tried to make the second cut match up, Olivia moved and. . .whoa.  It was a lot higher than I intended.  So I stopped cutting.  And called my aunt Janette.  Except it wasn't my aunt Janette's number (I guess that's what happens when you haven't updated the numbers in your phone for over three years and your aunt has moved twice) but that's a story for another day.

Wednesday morning I called the correct phone number (thanks mom!) and Janette came over to fix it.  She is awesome!
Before Janette came over I snapped a pic.
I think Olivia had fun getting her hair cut for the first couple of minutes, but the damage I had done took more than a couple of minutes to undo.  After Janette finished Olivia went down for a nap.

After her nap, front (nothing different here, she just has a cute face and crazy nap hair):

And the back:

And that is how Olivia went from having a mullet (the iconic boys haircut of the '80s) to having a step (the iconic boys haircut of the '90s)!!


  1. Ooh, okay, now I get it! Why it's called a "step", that is. Turned out cute! This is why I refuse to ever cut Lincoln's hair. If it gets screwed up, it's McKay's fault. Were you originally going for a step?

    1. No I was trying to even it out at the base of her neck, but this will grow out cute.


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