Friday, October 12, 2012

My history with blogs

I call it metablogging: Blogging about blogs.

Baby Blogger

It all started maybe seven or eight years ago.  I was required to take an education technology class.  My teacher was a kind man, but he kept talking about these things called "blogs" and "rss feeds" and I didn't understand a word of it.  He wasn't very good at explaining it.  It had nothing to do with the fact that my twinner friend Nicole was in the class and we love chatting.  Nothing at all.

(Nicole taught middle school and I taught high school.  She had most of my students before I did and several of them commented how I reminded them of her.  Best compliment ever!)

Anyway, one of our biggest assignments was to do a short weekly blog post on our class blog.  I didn't get it.  But instead of asking for help and/or trying to figure it out I just didn't do it.  And in turn I almost failed the class.  I almost failed a class because I didn't blog.  I seriously laugh about that now.  But like I said, he was a kind man and let me make up all my blog posts in one day after the semester was practically over.  I owe that man a lot!

Since then I've come along way with blogs.  I've had 6 blogs!

My first has like three posts.  They were all complainy.  I don't know why no one wanted to read it!

My second was the blog I had for three years.  I quit it because I didn't feel like it was going in the direction that I wanted my blog to go. . .

My third was a blog I started with my sister.  We both love to write and it was going to be a place to share our short stories.  I think we each posted once, maybe twice.

My fourth was a food blog, only I didn't understand the need for pictures with my recipes.  I shake my head at myself sometimes.

My fifth blog was my design blog, which I still do every Tuesday and Thursday here.

And this is my sixth blog!  I started it to replace my second blog when I realized I missed sharing stories and other silly things.  I try to post Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Try

How many blogs have you had?

And now, I leave you with an anecdote:
Me: I just got another follower on my blog!  Now I have 15!!
My dad: 15?  Aren't blogs supposed to have hundereds of followers?
Thanks for that, dad.  Thanks for that.


  1. I've had four, I think. I still have my original one, but a new title for it, which I think lost me quite a few regular followers. Then I had thejujubee (I kind of wish I'd kept that title instead), which was for my felt stuff. But then I stopped doing felt for the most part. Then Cara, Kellie and I had a book review blog (I think it has six posts). And I did a blog for a school essay alternative. It was Helena's perspective from Midsummer Night's Dream.

    By the by, your link to the Design Salt blog goes to a Bible site. I think maybe you missed a letter or something? Thought you should know, unless you went another route with that blog :)

    1. Thank you for the heads up!! I looked at it several times but I didn't see a typo, so I just copied and pasted my url and it fixed it. Weird.

      Kellie seems to start blogs with others! I wonder how many she's had. . . Trying to convince her to do a fashion blog now. She was the most fashionable missionary I've ever seen!


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