Friday, October 5, 2012

What you need to know about kindergarten pickup

I feel like I'm a little young to be picking up kids from kindergarten, but truth is some of my friends my age have kids in third grade.  Even so I'm starting early with this since I'm a nanny to two kindergarteners that attend different schools!  Here are some tips if  I had to learn the hard way.

1.  Don't aim to arrive when your kid gets out of school.  Don't even aim to be five minutes early.  20-30 minutes early should be good.  Even then you wont be first in line.  Being last in line makes you look like a bad mom/nanny/grandma/dad.

2.  Don't worry about the signs that tell you not to park.  Go ahead and park.  Get out of your car and have a long conversation with your child about her day.  We're not waiting behind you to pick up our own five-year-old or anything. . . Besides, the actual parking spots are like five feet away.  It would be a shame for you to have to walk more than needed. 

3.  Because of #2, its important to remember that cutting is allowed, in fact required!  Jennifer turned off her car, got out and is now braiding her daughter's hair while discussing her child's grades with the teacher, so driving around her will be the only way to make it home in time for bedtime.  While your at it skip four or five other cars.  They don't love their kid as much as you do. 

4.  This is a great place to catch up on neighborhood gossip.  If your driving in the thru lane and you see a friend parked in the pick up lane you should stop and catch up.  No one really wants to drive through the parking lot anyway.  We all plan to stay a long, long time. 

5.  Should you get annoyed with anyone, please don't honk.  What will that teach the children???


  1. Sounds absolutely terrifying. It amazes me how people can be so self-absorbed...

  2. So true. I should just calm down, but I can't believe what some people think they can get away with. Of course, I'm also one of those people that has a hard time not following the arrows at IKEA.

  3. OK this is funny because it's true!! I absolutely hated working carpool because of these exact reasons!

    1. Oh thank you! Writing this post helps me feel much more relaxed about it all. There's something to be said for getting it off your chest, yeah?


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