Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why my baby is so well behaved. . .

Just kidding!!  Do you honestly think I would ever write that???

But seriously, I do think Olivia is a great little girl.  She has her moments of un-greatness too.  However, I'm not about to start doling out sleeping advice, eating advice or behavior advice.


Its like all those people who got married before me who were always trying to tell me how to get married.  You only got married once.  Do it three or four more times and I might be willing to listen.

So that's how I am with babies.  What I did might have worked for Olivia, but no guarantee it will work for all kids.  I'd hate to be all "I'm the master at getting kids to sleep through the night" just to have karma slap me with a super fussy colicky baby that never sleeps ever.

So sorry mamas, no baby advice here.  Not that anyone was asking or anything. . . 


  1. Kimberly, as your friend of 20 something HAVE to tell me. I am not joking. Seriously, I feel like I've tried everything and NOTHING WORKS! UGH! Please shoot me an email and let me know what you do!

    1. No problem!! That's so hard! Email is on its way!

  2. THANK YOU. For some reason it really rubs me the wrong way all the mommy blogs that tell me how I'm raising my baby wrong. Every kid is so different, how do I know whether they just got lucky and have super pliant babies? It's one thing for someone to ask for someone's advice, another altogether to spout it out like some baby guru. Though tone makes a big difference on those blogs, too, of course.

    1. Exactly! I just don't want to look stupid when I have to eat my own words!


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