Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Doing things backwards I guess

Did I do things backwards by posting my resolutions on Monday and doing a year in review today?  Maybe, but too late now!

I got a student teacher and never thought I could be so lucky!  We seriously are the #sameperson (our favorite hashtag) and it was a joy to work with her.  Also Olivia got sick pretty much every weekend in January, which was sad but I loved the snuggles!
Sicky Baby

Adam and I made a deal to never celebrate Valentine's Day on the actual day ever again.

Olivia turned one and I proved I was not a real blogger by failing to throw her an extravagant themed birthday party.  (or to blog about it for that matter)
Olivia shares a birthday with my brother and we celebrated with our family a week before their actual birthday.  Thanks to my mom for making a cake.  Too bad I didn't let Olivia eat any!

My cousin Hayley got married and I got to go!  I almost missed it due to a miscommunication and no one to watch Olivia during the ceremony, but thankfully Hayley's cousin-in-laws were happy to jump in and watch her! 
My mom and me outside the Provo Temple after the ceremony

I taught my last month at Bingham High School.  I loved my time there, but being with Olivia has been so great I haven't really had time to be sad.

I celebrated my 29th birthday by throwing up for the first time during my second pregnancy!  Also we went to Texas Roadhouse.  And I pretty much didn't blog due to my severe morning all day sickness.
Olivia helped me open presents.  I look awesome, I know.

Adam and I canceled our trip to Washington because of my morning sickness and instead took a trip to my parent's house in CA.  It was easier to relax and be sick in a familiar environment!  My mom watched Olivia while we took a two day trip to Palm Springs because we just love sweating.  Adam went golfing both days.
Seriously so HOT, but it just doesn't look it, does it?

I enjoyed my last month of summer vacation with Olivia.  We went for early morning walks and play dates at the park with Tiffanie and company before it would get to hot for us to be outside. We also went on a girls trip with my sister-in-law Martha and refinished one of my mom's wingback chairs.
Someday we'll get around to the second chair!

I started full time work as a nanny and enjoyed earning money while spending time with Olivia.

We had so much fun trick-or-treating with Olivia that two or three houses turned into our whole street.  I failed to get a video of her saying "trick-or-treat" and I'm still really sad about that.
Our little Halloween family

We celebrated our third anniversary by going to see the Tran Siberian Orchestra in concert!  The next day we celebrated Thanksgiving with Adam's family.
On the train to downtown SLC

We had a great time with my family in California for Christmas.  Olivia got a cold that caused her ears to plug on the drive down, so we had a grumpy girl for the better part of two days, but once she started feeling better my little sweetheart returned to her easy going personality. 
Olivia opening her stocking with my mom.

I'm excited for a new year and all the fun adventures that await!

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