Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The pacifier questions

It was really hard to find a picture of Olivia with a pacifier.  Since she was a baby, she really only needed it to sleep.
Some call it a binki, some call it a paci.  We called it a bibi, but Olivia couldn't say the "b" (despite her love for other b words like ball, bye bye, bubble, go figure) and she called it a mimi. 

Soon after we left daycare (around 14 months) I stopped letting her have a mimi outside of her crib.  It was for nap time and bed time only.  It was the easiest transition ever.  She didn't even notice it was gone.  And nap time?  Suddenly there was something to look forward to!  And she would ask to take a nap or go to bed.

She still does this.  Nap time at our house is "mimi time" and she runs to her crib and tries to climb in herself. 

They recommend taking away the pacifier at 15 months.  Go cold turkey, they say.  Who the heck are they anyway?  And where are they when I have to put my kid down for a nap?  Hmm???  That's what I want to know.

Now with a new baby coming into our family I'm just so hesitant to force any more life changes on Olivia.  Isn't getting a new brother and less attention enough for a 22 month old to deal with?  Does she need to have her comfort object striped away from her as well? 

And we're potty training at two.  Will taking her mimi away during potty training make life hell for both of us? 

I have this strange feeling I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but if I just knew the answers it wouldn't be such a big deal. . . questions, questions.


  1. I remember you encouraged me not to worry about taking Porter's binky away before I had Paige. And I didn't and I'm glad! It really helped Porter with the transition of a new baby. Taking it away 6 months later was hard, but we made it. :) Don't stress - there are way too many things to stress over with raising children, so we should not worry about binkies right? That's what I tell myself as I sometimes catch Porter with Paige's binky!

    1. Yes! Good point. This is not that big of a deal. Thank you!!

  2. You had your binky for a long time and I think you turned out great, so don't stress about it! And the potty training? By kindergarten she won't need diapers! (Unless she takes after her aunt!!)

  3. Two of my kids were real pacifier addicts and had them until age 2. At that point it was very difficult to take away the pacifier! But even then, after a week of not having the pacifier, they were sleeping well without it. But be warned... the week you take it away is a real kicker!!!

    1. I'm trying to decide if I should take it away before or after we move her to a toddler bed. I'm probably over thinking this :)


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