Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Moving at 37 weeks

We're moving to our own apartment this week.  I'm 37 week pregnant, measuring 2 weeks ahead so really 39!  Thank goodness my husband is super strong.  Are all men this strong?  Like a box that I would struggle with (and I'm no wimp) he can lift along with two more and carry them upstairs and out to the car.  It's insane. 

I hate packing.  But I love unpacking.  So I'm excited for that.

I'm giving away most of my baby girl clothes to former students and current friends.  I'm feeling so free about that.  We have so so much and with this baby being a boy, and no more kids for at least three years (I need this child to be two before I conceive again!) how long can I keep carting baby girl clothes every where we move?  I love Olivia's clothes and I just couldn't bring myself to donate them to a thrift store, but people I know?  I can do that. 

Olivia is obsessed with the "new house" and the bathtub.  She's been over to the apartment a few times when I was dropping stuff off and every time she runs to the bathtub and gets in.  This is funny because she doesn't take a bath in a real tub (we only have shower at Adam's parents) and when we tried to give her a bath in a tub at my mom's house she got so scared.  So hopefully she'll be so excited to take a bath in the "new house" and with her new tub toys she'll forget to freakout about being in a large body of water.

I've had to get a non-stress test and have my amniotic fluid checked twice because I'm measuring big.  I have an appointment this afternoon and we'll see what the dr says about an early induction.  Sorry all you natural birthing doulas, I'm all about the pitocin and epidurals.  (except maybe someday I would like to try a tub birth.  I don't know why, it looks kind of fun)

And. . . that's all I have to say today. 


  1. You are great Kimberly. Moving during pregnancy especially when you are heavily pregnant!Changing a home could be a pleasure and once you are unpacked, it’s all worth it.

    1. So true! I feel like such a slacker letting my husband do so much, but he doesn't want me going into labor so I guess its a good excuse :)

  2. Good news is, no one expects you to do any heavy moving! :) Hope it is as stress free as possible for you. We're moving when just after this babe will be born, and I'm not looking forward to it!
    And I feel ya- epidural all the way, thank you verrrry much.

    1. Oh man, I feel like after would be so much harder!! Good luck, I hope its not too hard on you!


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