Friday, January 18, 2013

Five Favorites on Friday: Little boy names

I'm having my baby on Tuesday!  And even though my husband can't keep a secret and spilled the beans about the name to our families, I haven't told you guys.  I think that's kind of fun :)  So here are my top five baby boy names, and I'll let you know which one we picked when I blog about his birth.
1. Charles: My grandpa's name.  I think Charlie would be such a cute nick name for a little boy.

2. Andrew: My brother's name.  I can't help it!  I love those strong classic names!  I asked my sis-in-law (Andrew's wife) if we could use it and she gave me the green light.

3. Christian: My husband's middle name.  His mom really wanted it to be his first name, but his dad wasn't a fan.

4. Axel: My husband's cousin from Sweden.  He came to visit the states for the first time this past summer and he was so cute and blonde.  I just love Scandanavian names.

5. Cole: A name that Adam has loved since before we got married (I think) and we've always talked about using it.

I obviously love family names!  And to be fair, Robert (my second brother) isn't on the list because I'm considering his name for a middle name.  And Kenny (my youngest brother) isn't on the list because I want to use his middle name (Hans) and he wont let me :) 

So, which is your favorite?  And which do you think we'll be using?  Hey!  If you know the answer, no giving it away!


  1. I am all for traditional and family names too. Boy names are tough! Can't wait to see what you choose!

    1. I feel like they are way tougher than girl names!


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