Monday, April 1, 2013

Birthday Buddies

I got to chose Olivia's birthday.  I chose it with my doctor on March 23rd.  I was due the next day, and the policy is to schedule induction for at least a week after the due date.  I convinced my doctor to schedule me a few days earlier and he gave me the options of March 28th and March 29th.  

The sooner the better.  March 28th is my brother Andrew's birthday as well, and he seemed glad to share.  And so my sweet girl was born on March 28th two years ago.

Here they are last year, the birthday buddies.  I don't have one of this year because by the time Andrew came over, Olivia had gotten her clothes so dirty that we took them off and let her go naked.  This year they both have more hair, Olivia on her head and Andrew on his face!

Andrew and Martha came to visit for a bit on Thursday.  Andrew hoped his son would also be born on the 28th, one day before his due date.  But by 8pm it seemed unlikely that would happen. 

The next morning I got a text that Martha was in the hospital!  I was so excited!  Wesley was born that afternoon, ON HIS DUE DATE!  Crazy, right?

We're so happy to have him here, another family member to add to the birthday buddies!

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