Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter Sunday

Its been almost two weeks since Easter.  I almost didn't bother to blog it at this point, but I bought new clothes for Axel and Olivia and I took pictures!  So here it is. 

This bow tie is as big as my head! --Axel

I dressed Axel and Adam matching!  Okay, I didn't really dress Adam.  I know he wears brown slacks and a white shirt so all I did was request a green tie.

When ever people have cute pictures of their kids they always say, "I had to take a million shots just to get one good one!"  Well I took a million shots and didn't even get one good one.  Dang balloons my father-in-law got for the kids, I couldn't get Olivia to focus on anything but that dumb balloon.

This isn't the dress I bought Olivia, but she loved her orange Easter dress so much she wanted to wear it on Saturday and since Kati (her grandma, Adam's mom) had gotten her this pretty blue one I figured we could swap 'em.

And proof that I was there:


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