Friday, September 7, 2012

I cook! And talk too much

My friend Tiffanie recently started a food blog and thank goodness!!  One of my favorite recipes is one she recommended almost three years ago.  Every Friday she has a guest post by one of her followers and I got to be her third guest post!

Writing this post was hard for me.  I used to teach foods to high school students and I watch Food Network like a crazy person and so I can narrate every step of my cooking process and I can give you a lot of details about the food and so, in theory, it could take you as long to read the post as it did for me to cook the meal.  Yeah, that's too much.  So I tried to keep it simple, but I didn't quite attain that goal.

But enough talking.  Why don't you go check it out for yourself?  And hang around with Tiff a bit.  She's got great taste in food!


  1. Great job! I'm so bad with over narrating things.. Add in pictures and suddnely my post is two days long.

    1. Me too! Editing things down is my biggest blogging challenge!


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