Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Bucket List

Okay, first, is there a better word than bucket list?  Because no one is dying come Dec 21.  Fall Fun List?  Yes, let's go with that one.

Every year I really look forward to fall.  I have all these romantic ideas, like picking apples or collecting fall leaves and then. . . fall comes and goes and none of these ideas really happen.  So now I'm making a concrete list of things I want to do when the weather cools so the season doesn't pass me by.  I am my father's daughter.

1. I want to visit Logan.  Specifically Tiffanie!  I just love Logan in the fall.  Its got that small town feel and its a little cooler than Salt Lake and I feel like there has to be somewhere you can pick apples here.

2. Thanksgiving Point's Cornbelly's corn maze.  Adam and I have gone together every year for the past 4 years, even before we started dating!   This will be our fifth time going.  And we'll still have a fight about whether or not we're going in the haunted maze.  I will win and I will not go.  Adam might go alone.

3. Farmer's market downtown.  Two huge bunches of basil for $3, does it get better than that???  This year I will not let unused basil go bad.  I'm making and freezing my pesto for future use. 

4. Make a roast chicken.  It just smells like fall when you have a bird roasting in the oven.

5. Take Olivia trick-or-treating in her lady bug costume.   How many houses can a 1 year old handle?  We're thinking 2 or 3.  I'll be honest, this is more for us than for her!
Lady Bug costume by Carter's from Costco

6. Buy and carve a pumpkin.  Adam and I go to the same little pumpkin patch every year.  Its where he got his pumpkin as a kid.  Its a small house and the same man has been growing and selling his pumpkins for years.  Support independent local farmers!

7.  Our annual Halloween party with Andrew and Martha! 
Its Tigger, Barbie and Minnie Mouse!!  (Olivia, Kimberly and Martha)

8. Teach kids how to make butter in a jar.  I loved doing this as a kid.  I want to teach the kids I nanny and I want to teach Olivia's cousins at Thanksgiving dinner.


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