Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Halloween Bug

Its like an official sickness, the Halloween Bug, and I get it every year in September.  I feel a cool breeze and I get all excited for scarves and spider webs and pumpkin flavored everything.  Here's the thing: I have to chill out and not think about it.  Its like a timer goes off in my head when I start getting all Halloween excited and I can only be excited for 31 days.  So if I get excited now, I'll start trying Thanksgiving recipes on October 20th.  And then I'll listen to Christmas music on November 2nd.  And I'll try to start dieting on December 15th.  Just kidding about that last one!  But I really do like New Year's resolutions.

So to keep from wearing out Halloween I'm trying to just love the fall for now.  I plan on taking the kids on a leaf walk when the leaves turn and having them scrapbook their findings.  Doesn't that sound pleasant?  It wont be.  It will be totally chaos and lots of yelling for them to slow down, I'm sure.

What do you do to really appreciate the fall season, without getting too excited about the holidays?

On the flip side, if you're ready for Halloween fun, check out my pinterest holiday board.  I'm just looking back at things I pinned last year and. . . its not helping!!


  1. Its hard for me to pull back the Halloween excitement too! Its like I forget the month of September. Its all just to much fun to resist. We are going apple picking this weekend and that's more a fall thing than a Halloween thing I guess...

    1. Apple picking sounds like so much fun!!! I should see if there is somewhere near by I can do that. . .


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