Friday, September 21, 2012

Mom! Olivia's copying me!

Did you ever say that as a kid?  Or did your siblings ever say that about you?  Probably.  Isn't it annoying???  You know what isn't annoying?  When your kid copies you.  Its darling.  Or scary.  Mostly funny.

Olivia does push ups with her dad.  The smile on her face when she does shows how proud she is to be doing something strong daddy can do.

Tonight at dinner I made guacamole and I tasted it (a few times!) with my index finger.  Olivia ate her guacamole with her index finger.

Last night I got excited about something Adam said (can't remember what) and I shouted "Shut up!"  And then so did Olivia.  I guess I need a new expression. . .

I'm glad I don't swear!


  1. Your baby does push-ups?? I want to see video!

    1. Okay, if you insist! I'll have to try and catch it one of these days.

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