Wednesday, September 5, 2012

No Sugar September!!

Last year for Labor Day Adam and I went on a whirl wind trip to Logan UT and then down the opposite direction to Parowan UT.  Adam ran in a mud run, we visited friends and then met up with my parents during my dad's high school reunion.  We had a great time but after eating a huge bag of M&Ms and a large basket of fried food at my grandpa's old dairy freeze I was feeling pretty crappy.  Not to mention I had 20 pounds of baby weight needing to be lost!  So the day after Labor Day I decided I would not have any sugar at all for the remainder of September.  Crazy, I know. 

But I did it!!  And I lost five pounds with out even doing anything else.  When I went a little crazy on October 1st (and 2nd and 3rd. . . ) I didn't gain any of it back. 

As I looked back on that goal today, I've decided to try it again.  Its hard, yes, but knowing you'll have these foods again in October really helps me say no.  My mother-in-law's cookies?  They're always in the freezer.  Chocolate chips?  The grocery store isn't going to run out.  Plus there is a lot of sugar I eat that I don't even care for!  Sour patch kids?  I'll eat them if you offer, but I'll never go out of my way for them.

I'll be following the same three rules as last year:

1. Honey.  I can't eat my 7 grain cereal without a little sweetener! (And I DON'T do artificial sweetener)  *This year I am also going to include agave. 
2. Sugar that is included in non-dessert food.  I'm talking yogurt, peanut butter, ketchup and other stuff that I can't think of right now.  You get the idea.
3. Fruit, and other naturally occurring sugar.  Like sweet potatoes.  Mmmmm.

Of course I'm in no condition to be losing weight, but my doctor has approved of me gaining as little as possible as long as I'm eating plenty of healthy food and working out.  The baby should do just fine if keep eating lots and lots of fruits and veggies and whole grains.

Join in?


  1. September is a great month for that, what with no interesting sweet-oriented holidays and all that. I wish I had the will power to join you, but unfortunately, the idea of brownie badder is the only thing keeping me going some days. But good for you!

    1. No holidays and no birthdays in my family, that was definitely something I considered when I decided to try this last year.


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