Monday, September 17, 2012

My dad: The Original Hipster

Growing up it sometimes bothered me that my dad was so counter culture.  As a child I made bread in a solar powered oven in the backyard.  The wheat for that bread?  Ground it myself.  No one thought I was very cool (at least that's how I imagined it.  They were probably worried others were thinking the same thing about them . . . ) but now going against the grain is the cool thing to do.  Even better if you were the first to think of it.

My dad and I performing at my wedding dinner.
Nearly all of my father's clothes come from a thrift store. 

He doesn't drive a car, he rides a bike.

He built a solar oven from mostly cardboard and newspaper.  We made bread in our backyard for a couple summers.  On Sunday's we would use it like a slow cooker and make roast and potatoes.

No more Sunday roast for Dad.  Now he's a vegetarian.

He heats his home with a wood burning stove and cools it with an evaporative cooler.

He saves table scraps and composts them for his garden.

He's more of an environmentalist than most Democrats who preach it every waking moment.  My dad is a hippie Republican who lives it, and doesn't go around tooting his own horn (much).


  1. Haha, you're so right, your dad is more hipster than most hipsters I know!

    1. So true!! He was a hipster before it was cool.

  2. I remember your duet! :) I loved it. Your dad is way cool. I keep wanting to copy your ideas...I gotta get original

    1. Copy all of my ideas! Where do you think I get them? Usually from another blog :) And thank you!

  3. Thanks for the tribute my dear! You were always "cool" growing up. You just didn't know it. You were the smartest, funnest girl in Lancaster and I could always talk to you like an adult and I'm not even biased! :) Love, Dad


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