Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I need a schedule

A blurry outtake of me and Olivia during the 30x30 challenge.

Okay so I've gotten to the point in this stay at home mom thing where I'm no longer just "surviving".  Axel's five months and will play alone for stretches of time, his naps are pretty regular and Olivia and I are still watching way too many hours of TV.  I wake up in the morning with no expectations and no plan, which means most of the day ends up wasted.

I thought about making a plan the night before, but that just adds to the long list of things to do after the babies are in bed, so no.  Instead, I need a daily routine, a schedule that works for us, with movable parts so I can swap out grocery shopping for library time or swimming depending on our needs.

I'm going to try waking up at 6am again.  For a while Axel's nights were so rough that I would always use them as an excuse to sleep those extra two hours.  If I wake up at 6 and do my workout (Jillian's 30 day shred, thank you Jacq!!!!!) and shower, that means we can be ready for anything.

The kids are usually up by 8 and Olivia is the slowest eater on the planet so I'll give us from 8-10 to have breakfast and get dressed and watch some Disney Jr.

10-12 will be our activity time.  Some ideas that I have include library trip, grocery shopping, walking the mall (too hot outside to go on walks for a while!), splash pad, water parties on the porch, reading books or playing with Olivia's toys.  We wont always leave the house, but if we're going to this is the best time to do it.

12-1 Lunch time.

1-3 Olivia's nap.  This is when I plan to do my chores: clean the kitchen, bathroom, laundry etc. . . 

3-4 Art/creativity.  Olivia likes playdough and oobleck.  Another fun thing I found at Target the other day was a paint with water book!  I have been looking everywhere for them!

4-5 Dinner prep/Adam comes home

And then we eat dinner and bathe babies and read stories and the kids are usually in bed by 8pm.  This is when I blog for a bit and then try to read something real, like a book or a magazine (computer and TV lights make it hard for me to get tired and fall asleep)

Maybe I'll follow this up with a "Day in the life" post.  I just love when other people do those!


  1. I remember this! All of a sudden realizing I could do more than just nurse and entertain Porter all day. Gosh...it gets really fun from here, promise!

    1. This is what I kept telling myself all winter long. "When it's summer Axel will be older and we can do so much stuff." And it's finally coming true!

  2. My goal for this month is to hammer down a schedule dang it.

    1. And of course today we all slept in until 9. Haha!


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