Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wanna watch the Bachelorette with me? Week 6

Week 6 already?  This season is just flying crawling by.  Aubrey was a champ to let me change the post to Wednesday again, since we were driving home on Monday evening from California.  Next week she'll be flying to (or home from?) California!  So look for our posts on Wednesday again :)

Des says Barcelona is the perfect place to fall in love.  Wasn't Munich the perfect place to fall in love? 

Michael G says who ever is on the date with Des needs to tell her about James's evil plot.  He's better hope it's not him, because he's one tattle away from a flight back home.

1x1 with Drew
Drew tells Des about his father's struggle with alcoholism and cancer.  While I truly feel for Drew, I can't help but wonder what Des told casting about the type of guy she goes for. "Just make sure they have like a really horrible home life because I like fixing broken people." 

Drew and Des go through a tiny door in an alley way and Drew says, "It's just the two of us." And all the guys with the cameras and all the people telling us what to say.

Drew grabs Des and they run through the streets away from the cameras.  Suddenly it's like I'm watching a real life Truman Show as they try to escape from this horrible fake dating life they've been living. . .

Perfect timing with the James information.  Wait until you have a rose for sure, and then tattle on the boys in the house.  Michael G all the boys should learn from this. 

Group Date
Des's green top is hurting my eyes.

When the guys all start singing Ole! all together I feel like they are boys at summer camp.

Juan Pablo.  Ah, that guys makes me laugh.  She's athletic and looks fantastic so she's perfect for me.  Few American men would admit that, but most would probably think it. 

The boys sure are using the word "we" a lot.  We scored, we're going to win.  I think they need to replace "we" with "Juan Pablo".

James is a terrible goalie.  He's not even TRYING.  I mean, standing still his huge body blocks like half the net, he wouldn't have to move that much.

The guys confront James, but I'm bored and start reading some blogs, so I miss it, but I'm sure it was like every other bachelor confrontation ever.

So we're back from commercial and James is trying to explain why he said what he said aaaaaaaaand all he does is use the words "one on one date" like a thousand times and I have no idea what his point it.

I kind of can't wait to see what the guys say when James comes walking in the door and the end of the night.

1x1 with Zak
Zak's face when the nude model came in was awesome.  It's hard to say funny things about this date because Zak is already so funny.

"We're in a cave on a couch with candle light and it's just Des and I. . . " Zak just described like 50% of the bachelor hangout spots (the other 50% are blankets and pillows on sand, but they also include candle light)

Des asks Zak, "How was your childhood?"  I think she wants to know who messed him up and how he recovered from it.  Seems to be a theme with her type.

Meanwhile, back at the house James goes to talk to Drew and I'm worried for Drew's safety.

James and Des talk on the stairs and he sounds like a kid explaining his actions and ending with, "I've learned my lesson and my guilt is punishment enough.  Right?"  Wrong James.  Wrong.

Okay, so honestly.  This guy cheated on his college girlfriend.  And now this.  Why is this the hardest decision you've ever made????

The boys look over the ledge and see them cuddling.  Drew throws up in his mouth.

James comes back into the room and. . . you know what?  Something that has been bugging me, have you ever seen four guys cram onto one couch when they don't even want to be in the same room together?  Is this how they sit, hour after hour while they wait for their turn to see Des?

Gah!  Stop talking about this!  If Des picks James over you then what does that say about you?  Move on and focus on yourself.  Michael G should have learned this lesson by now. 

Rose Ceremony
Chris Harrison explains everything, who has roses, etc.  "I know you guys have just done the math," he says.  And yet he's going to remind us anyway.  Three roses remain.

Roses go to:
Drew (on his date)
Zak (on his date)
Brooks (duh)
and I know at this point my final four is broken because Kasey and Michael cannot both get a rose since there is only one left (Chris Harrison, I could have figured that out alone, but thank you for not making me)
Michael G

Bye bye:
Juan Pablo

I'm super interested to hear what Aubrey has to say because I struggled with writing this post!


  1. you know me...i always have plenty to say. i took notes like my life depended on it, but when it came to the writing part i struggled too.

    1. Our posts were quite different this week! :)

  2. I can't watch!! it's so bad this season and i feel so sorry for her because i liked her on the bachelor!!

    1. It's awful, isn't it?!?!?! Ug. I don't know why, I just can't put my finger on it.


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