Thursday, July 25, 2013

TBT Parents

(Since reading Bonnie's post I realized that I wrote down all the prompts at the beginning of the summer and for this one all I wrote was "Parents" instead of a memory of your parents from childhood. Soooo, this is not a memory of mine because I wasn't born!  But I guess I have a memory of looking at these pictures when I was a kid. . . so there you have it)

When I was at home this summer I tried to plan out all my throwback posts so that I could scan any pictures I might need.  This prompt is pretty general so I decided to go as far back as I could and show you my mom and dad when they were brand new parents.  But looking through my mom's albums I decided to start a little before that and END with my birth.  :)

This is from my parents' engagement shoot.  I don't think it's the one they sent out.  Check out my mom's hair!  Awesome volume there mom.  Oh yeah, check out my dad's too!  :)

Here they are walking out of the Los Angeles temple.  It's soooooo tempting to find a picture of Adam and I on our wedding day in the exact same spot.  Maybe another post. . .  Love my dad rockin' the white tux.

 Here they are on their honeymoon in Southern California.  Check out their stylin' baseball Ts!  My mom was smart to honeymoon in a place that allowed her to use a hairdryer.  My hair never looked good in our pics from Fiji.

This is during the year or so they were married before I was born.  This is my older cousin Greg.

And for the final picture, my dad snuggling me.

Of course linking up with Bonnie, if you want to check out the other posts on parents, but of course none will be as cool as mine!  Jk (do people still say jk?)


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