Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wanna watch the Bachelorette with me? Week 8

Hometowns this week!!!  Aubrey and I both live in Salt Lake so to say we're excited about a potential hometown in our own hometown would be an understatement!  Let's hope that Brooks doesn't let us down like Jef did and take Des to a hidden family ranch in another city.

Zak's Hometown
You can tell from Des's excited face/voice that she has no idea what Zak is describing from his dream.  No one does, Des, no one does.

Zak drives a snow cone truck?????  I just fell in love with him. 

Oh dear, the penguine is cute from my safe chair in my living room, but masks scare the freaking heck out of me in person.  I would have had a melt down right in front of the kids.

Zak is more tan (tanner?) than his sister.  #orange

I love that they're actually eating.  I feel like we never see them actually eat dinner!

I can't help but think his family is hoping to get a reality TV show out of this when they start singing like the Von Trapps.

Zak gave a journal and now the locket with the ring!?!?!  He's like the best gift giving boyfriend ever. (Sorry babe)

And THAT is going to be a hard date to top my friends.

Drew's Hometown
Drew says his family has never seen him like this before.  I'm assuming it's because he usually dates men.  (Sorry!  I've been thinking it for so long, I couldn't not say it any longer!)

The sweetness of Des meeting Melissa brings tears to my eyes.

Ever since Sean's hometown with Emily, nieces and nephews are trying to get famous.  Drew's are cute though.

He hasn't said those "three magical words in that order" yet.  He has said "Love you I" and "You I love" but we all know that isn't the same.

Drew's "I love you" is one of the less awkward I love yous of the season. (I'm looking at you, Chris)

Drew says next time he sees his family he will be an engaged man.  I think he meant he would be engaged to a man.  (Sorry last one I promise!!)

Chris's Hometown
Chris should wear baseball Ts more often.  This is the first time I have found him attractive.

His dad starts spouting poetry.  So it runs in the family I see.

OMG, I would marry into a family with a chiropractor.  I don't know why everyone thinks this is weird. 

Chris says he can see himself with her.  That's because he photo shopped their pictures together on his computer.

Chris tells his mom, It's not the real world, but we hug.  I don't have anything to say about this, it was just a weird comment is all.

Brooks's Hometown
Here's where Adam (my husband) made a smoothie.  No DVR means I missed this part, so I hope it wasn't important!

So, Brooks has wine?  I thought his family was Mormon?  Maybe it's just for him and Des.

All my excitement and I miss it all because of a smoothie!  (Just kidding I saw most of it I just didn't have much to say about it.  Oops)

Back in LA/Rose Ceremony
Des's brother just seems like a jerk.  She can say he has her best interest at heart all she wants, but it sure looks like he's just playing up his own insecurities.

Eek!  I honestly have no idea who she's going to send home.  The Bachelorette rarely surprises me, so well played ABC, well played.

Des says there's nothing holding me back from finding my husband, and we see her brother creepily peering around a corner.  This is starting to look like a murder mystery.

Break ups are so draining.  I can't imagine doing so many in such a short period of time.

Roses go to:

Going home: Zak.  I'm floored.  I guess of all the guys they maybe had a lesser connection, but his hometown date was just SO AWESOME.  Zak, are you confused?  I'm right there with you bro.

I'm excited to see what Aubrey said!  Go check her out too!!


  1. Im glad I wasnt the only one thinking that about drew. That hair, and that pink shirt (the suit was nice looking) This is only the second episode I watched of this but I had a lot to say. But really why is there a show? she said she was in love with brooks, the only one she said that about, but yet he was the only one that didnt say it to her!!! she said she saw him at the end. Show over guys. haha

    1. I'm super surprised they show Des saying she loves Brooks so often. It makes me think he leaves next week and they're setting us up to show how bad Des gets her heart broken.

  2. your blog HATES me! i commented on this early this morning before i even read your comment on mine. maybe my phone hate me. something hates me. i will try to remember what i said. i know it's not the email thing this time since i haven't even responded to your comment yet.

    adam is in big trouble! the liberty park part was my fave. maybe because it's just down the street. i was super excited for it. you've been a bigger zak fan than i have this whole time, but i wasn't surprised at all. she didn't seem that into him this week. i do like him though, and i really did almost start crying he was so sad.

    1. I'm so sad I've never been to Liberty Park! Now I guess I need to go and I can say "Des was here". Ha!

      I think I liked Zak so much that I was just as blind sided as she was. And his mom? How cute was she????

    2. You definitely need to go to Liberty Park. I'll invite you over and we can go. It's so close. I remember saying in my first comment I have no idea how they shut the place down. It's always so busy there.

      His whole family was the best! I was super sad for him.

  3. You know you can download the ABC app to your ipad and watch the Bachelor again and again!! :-) Then you can see the whole Liberty park scene!


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