Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wanna Watch the Bachelorette with me? Week 1

Last time I started writing about Emily's season I got seriously bad morning sickness three weeks in and pretty much abandoned my blog. And then Sean's season of the Bachelor Axel was born so I didn't even try to blog about that one. So I'm super excited for blogging about it Desiree's season!

Also, one of my new blogger friends, Aubrey, from the 30x30 challenge has decided to cover it with me! 

So, like last time, this will be what I wish I could say to you if we were watching it together.  Not so much a recap as the witty remarks that will make you chuckle.  It's like live tweeting, only not live and no character limit.

Okay, right off the bat I have to say, last Bachelorette we had Emily and her tragic loss of Ricki's dad.  Now we have Des and her humble beginnings.  We sure like our Bachelorettes to be underdogs, don't we???

A little about a few of the 25 guys
Will from Chicago.  Is it just me or does he look like a little Barack?  And he's from Chicago!  See, Baby Barack.  Free high fives?  Dang it!  I wish I was there, because I am so sick of paying good money for high fives all the time.

A professional magician?  I would rather date Gob.   I what to know how he feels about the word "trick".  (Hint: It's an illusion!)

Dudes getting out of the limo
Okay, so it's clearly getting harder and harder to be original when getting out of the limo.  That being said, these guys sure gave it their best shot!  (or worst?)

Social Media (I'm now calling him Hashtag) says #LetTheJourneyBegin #IAlwaysTalkInHastags

Baby Barack is nick naming her Athena.  I hope she nick names him Baby Barack.  And I hope that he's republican.

Loyalty is an intense dude.  But he seems cool.

Knight in shining armor looks pale.  I think he's going to throw up.

Tie-my-shoe guy, that was pretty good.

Brandon shows up on the motorcycle.  It's no helicopter, but it could still be pretentious.

Oh man, the dad!  I'm such a sucker right now.  I hope he wasn't adopted just for this show.

Cocktail Party
Hashtag says #IWantARose. I guess he really does talk like that!

Des: It really means a lot to me, I've been in your shoes.  I know you had to take time away from family and friends and from work, and I've been in your shoes!
Um, is she drunk already?

Magician guy knows his Arrested Development.  He steered clear of the word "trick".  I am impressed.

Larry wants to talk about the failed "dip".  And then he just stares at her until she asks if he's tired.  He's not.

Fantasy Suite does not give up.  I've known guys like him.  They should lay low and come on less strong, but they keep coming, stronger each time.  Des probably wasn't too sad to see him go.  My two favorite quotes from him?
"I have no filter."  That is not a desirable characteristic in the person you plan to have witness you give birth (your husband)
"My mom says I'm good looking."  You'd be better off saying, "I think I'm good looking". 

Now that Larry is talking to the guys about how he's #2 on the list of people to go, right after Fantasy Suite, he's quite funny!  Too bad he was too busy being creepy to be himself and show Des how funny he can be.

And here comes Hashtag to punctuate the moment with #FantasySuiteFailJonathan

With the rose ceremony looming, Brandon takes a moment to share with the camera why he hopes to get a rose. "This path I've been on for the past 26 years. . . "  Most people call that path life.  And the point of your path is to meet Des on this show???  Time to find a new path dude.  (To be honest I remember these guys for such a short time during the first episode so I don't know if he got a rose or not)

In the end we say good bye to:
Dreamy McSteamy (I'm guessing because I didn't see a guy in a lab coat get a rose)
Suit of Armor (poor guy)
Makes His Own Suit
Larry the Lover Creeper
The Magician
And of course, Fantasy Suite

Larry leaves us with a small golden nugget as he explains practicing his move.  "Of the 50 people I dipped. . . " I sure hope "dip" isn't a euphemism. 

And that concludes week 1, never my favorite.  It's only going to get better from here folks.

Don't forget to check out Aubrey's post as well!


  1. love this! i usually watch with a friend, but our schedules are so not coordinating right now. i always have plenty to say that's for sure:)

    1. Thanks! I think my husband appreciates not having to listen to me rant about it (although I think he secretly likes the show!)


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