Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wanna watch the Bachelorette with me? Week 2

Welcome back as Aubrey and I give you our thoughts while watching the Bachelorette!

I tuned it five minutes late.  I figured I could skip the "Tonight on the Bachelorette. . . " intro.  When turned on the TV at 7:05 they were just beginning the one on one with Brooks.

1 x 1 with Brooks
So Des isn't the kind of girl that will skip straight to the Fantasy Suite, but she will skip straight to the wedding.

I love that they take some pictures together in their wedding attire.  Maybe a little awkward if they end up married to other people, but I guess that's the joy of digital photos.

Des says about Brooks: When he falls in love, he falls in love.
I say about my husband: When he eats his dinner, he eats his dinner.  When he takes off his socks, he takes off his socks.  Is this how we play this game?

If I've said it once, I've said it before (or maybe I was just thinking it) I'm not sure a private concert would be my jam.  Too much pressure to act super enthused.

Des: Tonight sets the tone for the rest of my #journey.  Everyone take a drink (of lemonade.  I don't drink!  I'm a Mormon.)

Group Date
So they have the token black guy, Will, and he does yoga and can't dance to rap.  So they don't have a token black guy. . .

Brandon is playing Casey (Guard and protect your heart), and they kind of look a like to me?  Maybe not if I saw them side by side, but they have a similar vibe.

Later that night when Ben is kissing Des, they pan over to Brandon sitting in the shadows like a little creeper.  Yeah, that's weirding me out.

Ben gets the group date rose.  He says: I knew Des had feelings for me, and now everybody else does.
Me: Everybody else does what?  Have feelings for you?  Ego.

Road trip with Bryden
Des's hair in the convertable is making me want a brush.  Do you think she's getting it brushed out in between shots?  Probably.

As they pull into dinner the music swells.  I love how the music let's me know what I should be feeling at climactic moments during the show.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony
Ben, Brooks and Bryden are safe. She obviously has something for the letter B.

There are some unspoken rules about the Bachelor/ette.  You don't steal time from someone when you already have a rose.  Or maybe that's the most spoken rule in all of Bachelor/ette history.

Usually I agree with the other house members about who they don't like, but honestly I don't understand why everyone hates Ben.  He's not my favorite, but I don't dislike him either.  Time will tell.

Chris Harrison takes the drama as a good sign. . . for the ratings and for his job security.

As she hangs out the roses, its clear that some of the guys are dang near tears.  I hate to say that there are other fish in the sea. . .

In the end we lose:
Baby Barack (token non black guy)
And two others I don't think I've ever seen before

Just once I'd like to hear an exit interview where the guy was like, "Dude, I've only known the chick for two weeks!  Life goes on."  But no, they put something in the water champagne on this show that makes them fall in love way to quickly.

And once again, check out my girl Aubrey for her bach-cap.


  1. totally thought the same thing about will. these posts are def going to make me wish i was watching with you instead of just pretending:)

    1. If you don't mind having a two-year-old jump on you during the first hour, you're welcome to come over for reals! :)

    2. don't mind 2 year olds at all:) my friend i usually watch with is in the process of buying a house=unavailable. this show is so much better when watched with others.

  2. Ben is a fake that's why no one likes him. He played his kid as a trump card cuz he knew Des would have a soft spot. He thinks it's some big secret that he's the only one that's kissed her?? I'm not understanding that at all! And to interrupt a guy who's spilling his guts when you already have a rose is just beyond me!!! Get rid of him, he reminds me of Tierra (?) from The Bachelor. And thanks for getting me hooked on this mindless silly show! I'm addicted!

    1. He didn't seem fake to me, but I wasn't paying close attention during the first half. And you're welcome! Hahaha!

  3. At the end, I totally thought that that one guy was going to cry! He looked like he was going to! I looooooove your sarcastic commentary!

    I was literally cringing throughout the whole group date. How awkward!

    1. Have we ever seen a group of guys get so emotional? Maybe on Emily's season. And thank you!


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