Friday, June 7, 2013


After doing the 30x 30 challenge, I sure feel like I'm seeing that number a lot.  And today?  Today is my 30th birthday!  30 days ago I tweeted that I wanted to find something to do 30 of before I turned 30.  It was a little late for hiking 30 mountains, or even drinking 30 different flavors of soda.  I'm trying to lose not gain more weight so Anna's idea of 30 flavors of ice cream, while delicious sounding, was unrealistic.  So here are some things I did manage to do 30 (or more in most cases) of before my 30th birthday:

1. Create 30 different outfits from 30 items of clothing (duh!)
2. Eat 30 mini chocolate chips (30 x 30 would probably be closer to the truth)
3. Nurse Axel 30 times
4. Go to bed 30 times
5. Wake up 30 times
6. Change 30 diapers
7. Give 30 kisses
8. Give 30 hugs
9. Showered 30 times
10. Brushed my teeth 30 times
11. Read 30 board books
12. Read 30 chapter books (in my lifetime, not just this year)
13. Tweet 30 tweets
14. Lose 30 hairs (I wish it was only 30)
15. Written 30 blog posts
16. Taught 30 students
17. Graded 30 papers
18. Taken 30 pictures of my children
19. Cooked 30 dinners
20. Uploaded 30 videos of my children to youtube
21. Go on 30 walks
22. Pushed Olivia in the swing 30 times
23. Watched 30 episodes of The Office
24. Watched 30 episodes of Arrested Development
25. Watched 30 episodes of Modern Family (I may watch too much TV. . . )
26. Complete 30 projects/recipes I found on pinterest. (I used to keep track on my DONE board, but I got lazy)
27. Washed 30 loads of laundry
28. Ran the dishwasher 30 times
29. Cleaned up Olivia's toys 30 times
30. Made 30 shopping lists

Yay!  The 20s were a good decade, and man they went by fast!  I can't imagine how fast the next ten years will go :)


  1. Happy birthday!!!! have a great flirty 30!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Great success it seems!!

  3. Yay! Happy Birthday! May the 30's bring lots of joy :)

    1. Thanks Miss Martha! We need a park play day soon. I'll text you. :)

  4. Happy Birthday! Thirty doesn't scare me anymore, thank goodness!

    1. Thanks Cacey. 27 was the hardest age for me, is that weird?

  5. Happy Birthday, Kimberly!!!!! This year is going to be a great one for you!

  6. Happy 30th!! I will hit the big 30 this summer! First time by the blog. :)


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