Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Meeting Blogger Friends IRL

Adam is really good at his job.  Mostly he wins awesome things, like gift cards and iPads.  But last month for their incentive, Adam's team chose a day at Lagoon (an amusement park here in Utah).  Most of his team is single, I guess.  So yeah, I was a little T/O that he would be spending his day riding rides while I was at home with the kids by myself, just like every other day of my life.  I love my kids, but I live for Saturdays with Adam home.  I did not react well.

But I guess something good did come of it.  I decided that if Adam could leave me for a whole day, I could stop feeling guilty for leaving him with the kids for an evening.  And so I signed up for Bonnie's Blogger Round Table.  I've been wanting to go for SO LONG!  I finally decided Axel would be okay with a bottle (he wasn't, and cried a portion of the time, but Adam was cool about it) and I could meet some friends!
Suzzie, Me, Tayler, Aubrey and Bonnie front and center!

Of course I got to meet Bonnie.  I've been reading her blog for about a year and a half.  Even though we taught for the same school district we had never met!

And my new blog friend, Aubrey!!!  She did the 30x30 challenge with me and she also blogs the bachelorette with me!  It was so fun meeting her!

I also got to meet two new girls, Tayler and Suzzie.  It was so fun chatting with them!

I was worried I would be super nervous, but Axel was screaming when I left (everything I tried wasn't helping so I decided it didn't matter if I stayed or went, so I went) so I had him on my mind more than meeting four strangers.  When I walked into the room where they were sitting it was like, "Hey girls!  What's up?"  Like we had already met.

And as usual, I probably talked way too much.  And too loud.  The teacher in me will never die.


  1. So glad you went! Jealous. I need friends in real life. Or just people to talk to that Aren't two.

    1. Seriously, next job transfer for Travis needs to be Salt Lake. Okay????

    2. Right?! Unfortunately J&J hardly has any companies outside of Jersey or PA, and besides a few offices in CA and one in TX, none west of where we are now. :(

  2. Hey Kimberly! This is so great! I love stories like this. I'm actually going to my first blog meet-up group in July and I'm pumped. So thrilled!! I want to make good real-life friends and blogging is just the perfect way to do this.


  3. that was such a fun get together. it's funny, I felt guilty leaving the hubs alone to do something for myself too and I don't even have kids yet. but doing something for myself makes me happy and helps me be in a better mood and be more patient. plus I was so inspired by everyone. hopefully our paths will cross again soon

    1. Maybe it will be easier to leave your husband with kids. At least then you know he's not lonely! (Only going crazy from crying babies!!)

  4. Cute picture! Meeting blog friends is always so much fun!


  5. Kimberly... I am new here... not sure how I found you... but I love love LOVE this!

    I have met some of most amazing, AMAZING, friends from blogging. It is so crazy how we connect with one another, and then, when we meet, it's like we've been friends forever! Thank you so much for sharing this. It reminds me of how blessed I have been to meet so many friends online. It sounds cheesy but it's so true!

    So excited to follow you here... :) I love new blogs...

    oh and p.s. I talk too much and way way waaaaaay too loudly... and I'm not even a teacher... ha!

  6. i swear i commented on this post, but maybe not. i have definitely lost my brain lately. i am seriously so glad you came! i love being friends IRL!


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