Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wanna watch the Bachelorette with me? Week 4

Once again Aubrey and I are bringing you our life changing thoughts about the Bachelorette!  So much fun, we actually got together to watch it IRL!  And she brought snacks, so Adam thinks she's awesome.

Brad 1x1
Was there nothing good during the carnival portion of the date, or were my kids being crazier than normal and I missed it?

Check out this sand castle.  Best make out zone ever!

Aaaand boringest convo ever.

Des: I absolutely loved every single moment (except for the moments I didn't like so NO ROSE FOR YOU!)

Brad: I just want this to be the right decision for her. 
Finally, this guy knows what's up.  Not every person is going to be a perfect match.

Group Date
Michael G says he grew up dreaming of being Mr. America.  Please say he's being sarcastic and I just can't tell. 

The mayor is judging this pageant?!?!?!  Your tax dollars hard at work here.

I love that Brooks chose a lion as the animal he would be (no hesitation!)  I imagine his inner dialogue: What animal has the best hair. . .

Mikey T very eloquently states that he is not a meat head. There is more to him than just his body.  He has insides.

Kasey #tapdance

Mikey T does everything he can to prove that he's a meat head during the talent portion.

Zak is the only guy with a real talent.

Mikey T flexes during the swimsuit competition to he can prove again that he's a meat head. 

Brooks, 2nd runner up
Zak, 1st runner up (Zak!  I was a first runner up in my pageant too!  Solidarity man!)
Kasey #mramerica

Chris says, I write poetry
Des says, I do that!
Chris is thinking: I know, I stalked your facebook page.

James 1x1
While I'm all for giving service, this might possibly be the most depressing date ever.

Finally a couple that actually deserves a fairytale date!

And now we're watching what the bachelor would look like if they had a senior version.

Des: The fact that James is so honest. . . (um, he cheated?  Is that being honest???)

Private concert are the new helicopters.

Apparently admitting that you made a horrible decision makes you trustworthy.

Cocktail Party/Rose ceremony 
Michael G is giving her papers with letters on them as he compliments her.  Des says, Oh thank you!  A letter on a paper.  She's so good at being fake excited/interested.

Chris is not my fav, but it looks like he'll be here for a while.

Bryden is having a hard time with the situation?  Once again, people watch the show before you come.  Know what to expect!!

Going home:
Brad (during his 1x1 date)
Zack K.

All in all, I felt like the editing of this episode was really odd.  We didn't get much conversation time between Des and any of the guys.  Is it just me???

So Aubrey and I made our guesses for the hometown dates!  I'm posting hers, she's posting mine.  So head over to Aubrey's blog to see my picks!

Aubrey's Top 4
Drew, underdog
Brooks, because a SLC hometown. Plus their "amazing connection!"
Chris, not because I want him, but because I think he'll get a hometown
Kasey, because I can't pick a #4 and I'm obsessed with social media (aren't we all Aubrey???) #wildcard


  1. just when i thought there was nothing to say...seems like there was still plenty to laugh about. here's to hoping next week is a little more bloggable.


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