Monday, June 17, 2013

Some things will never change

My daughter just licked the screen door.  She looked at me and said, "Gross."  And. . . did it again.

Olivia loves tasting things.  She eats the play dough every time.  She was the oldest girl in her nursery class at church to still eat the crayons. 

It's funny because this oral fixation has been something unique about her since she was just a couple weeks old.  Here she is licking the side of her car seat, less than a month old!  People would see this and say, "She must be hungry!" (which, let's be honest, always bugged the heck out of me) but no, she just liked to lick things.

And here's my Axel Boy, pulling the covers over his face to sleep.  Every time
He does not sleep like this at night.  At night he's swaddled and cannot use his arms to pull the blanket over his head.

In fact we were on a walk yesterday and he was happy, but near the end he started fussing a little.  I stopped and replaced his binki using his burp cloth to kind of keep it in place (he can't hang on to a binki to save his life, this kid) Seriously like one minute later I checked to see if he had fallen asleep and he had pulled the burp cloth over his face and just zonked.  It was then that I realized he totally pulls that blanket over his face on purpose.

I can't wait to see if he continues this for years to come.

Its so crazy how kids are born with their own personalities and traits, right?


  1. haha that sounds funny!! and hope she gets out of the licking stage hahahah

  2. How precious is this!? Aweee.

    Haha. You are right, somethings never change. I don't have kids but my nieces and nephews always had a gigi blanket. One of them sucked the label when she was birthed and continues to suck the label on things now that she is two. It's funny as heck.

    I can't wait to have kids and see these funny quirks in each one of them.


    1. That's the funnest thing about kids growing up is learning more and more about their funny quirks!

  3. I don't think I ever had a licker! Had some other quirky kid behaviors, though!! :)

    1. Rob had the tags! Kellie and I had our blankies.


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